Audere JZ3, Warmoth pickguard fitment issue (J5 deluxe)

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  1. Hey all! I'm assembling a Warmoth Jazz Deluxe 5 build and I ran into a little issue. The Warmoth pick guard and the control plate for the Audere JZ3-Pro are not lining up.

    It's my understanding that they're both manufactured to fit with Fender specs.

    Does anyone have any input? I know that the J5D have a 22-fret neck and a smaller body, so the pickguard is "special". But I can't find any reference to the control plate or it's interface being different for a (to be exact) 94-99 Suhr era Jazz Deluxe.



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    OK, now I see, not both Warmoth. That's not good. Smart you, no holes drilled yet. I would look into getting a new control plate and moving the preamp over to it. I would not have the patience to try and get a replacement that would fit. Hope you get it worked out.
  3. Ha! Yes, no holes drilled lol I read all the warnings from Warmoth about making absolutely certain that everything fits before doing any drilling.

    I figured out the issue. Apparently, if you buy a standard J5 pickguard from Warmoth you have the option to select a "Warmoth control plate route" or a "fender control plate route."
    BUT if you buy a deluxe J5 pickguard, it only comes with a "Warmoth control plate route."

    So when building a deluxe J5 from Warmoth, the pickguards+bodies+control plates are all unique and exclusive to Warmoth only. There is no interchangeability to non-Warmoth parts without modification. Side note, I found out the reason that the Warmoth deluxe J5 pickguards only fit a Warmoth deluxe J5 body is because they stretch the dimensions between the last fret and the neck pickup position 1/2" vs. a true 90's era 22-fret deluxe J5.

    See below...from the standard J5 pickguard page on Warmoth's site...
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    Not an option - the LED is permanently adhered to the plate on an Audere JZ3, not to mention extra holes for mini-toggle and the LED.
  5. Actually, I've been talking extensively with David at Audere about this. The LED is not permanently adhered to the plate, it's surface mounted on the electronics module and "pokes through" a 3.05mm hole in the plate. If I'm to get a new plate, I have no issue properly locating and drilling a few holes. David recommended the proper bit type to reduce the chances of catching the chrome - I'm sure I have them somewhere in my machine shop...
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    I find it really idiotic that Warmoth would make such a minute change to the Fender spec. They're just inviting improper fitment for no good reason.
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  7. Thanks for this! Good to know.
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    I have a Warmoth Jazz (4-string) with one of their pickguards on it, and it has a similar control plate fit issue with a standard Fender control plate, both of which were supplied by Warmoth. It's always bugged me, but not enough to bother swapping out the pickguard.
  9. I ended up taking a radius file to the pickguard so that it fits properly. Not happy that I had to do it, and if I ever want to buy a new pickguard in the future it will have to be Warmoth and I will have to rework it. Oh well. It looks good now though. Just wanted on a back ordered hipshot bridge before I can finish assembly.