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Audere Pro JZ3 Preamp

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Musicman_00, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. I recently purchased a SX Ursa 2 5 string jazz bass. Ash body, maple neck. Installed the audere with 4 band eq, new DR Fat Beams, and a new bridge.

    Awesome bass. Fat tone. Possibly the best sounding and feeling bass I have ever owned (Maybe)
    Warning: don't turn the gain on the preamp too high! This thing is hot!

    My setup is vov/vol, hi mid/low mid, bass/treble.

    Between this SX and my Ibanez that has a BassMods 3 band A/P, so far I've been able to get all the tone/sound I've been looking for with the exception of fretless. Before and after pics to come on the SX.
  2. Here's the old and the new.

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  3. Close up of upgrades

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  4. I've got the four string sunburst version of this bass, so I'm very much interested in your review. I'm also planning on adding the Audere preamp. Got any sound clips?

    I really dig the SX pickups but they distort a bit too easily when you dig in. I'm hoping the Audere will help with that a little plus the tone shaping is awesome. I'm planning on getting the same configuration as you.
  5. Don't really have a way to record.
  6. That figures. Well, the more info you can share, the better!! :)
  7. Neek


    Nov 26, 2008
    South Florida
    Looks great! I had been eyeing the JZ3 for a while, I'd be interested in any more infor you could share as well. Is it possible to remove the preamp from the control plate? The bass I want to install this on has all the controls in a rear-routed cavity, and I'd prefer to keep the 'naked' top without pickguard and control plate.
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  8. They sell the preamp without the control plate, too.
  9. Neek


    Nov 26, 2008
    South Florida
    I missed that option when browsing their site (more than once :oops:). How embarrassing. Thanks Rip!
  10. Well I'll do my best to describe the sound.

    Hi Z Mode is really beefy. It sounds good flat. Very easy to get a Marcus Millerish tone while thumping. It doesn't take much volume to get punch out of it! I prefer a hifi tone when playing finger style and this mode doesn't disappoint.

    Mid Z is very subtle. Extremely clean. I could play in this mode with my eq flat on the bass and the amp. It's kinda like passive tone but its not. Sounds almost like a filter system. Didn't use it as much Sunday as High Z but when i did use it I liked it for worship kinda music.

    Low Z Mode. Didn't use it enough to really dig into the in's and outs.

    Hope this helps.

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