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Audere Transparency

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Jim Dombrowski, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Jim Dombrowski

    Jim Dombrowski Supporting Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    Colorado Springs, CO
    I have an Elrick fretless that has a Bartolini 3-band preamp with an active/passive switch. I have found that I prefer the passive sound of this bass much more than the active, but in passive mode I have no tone controls at all.

    In active mode, I can get the tone very close to the passive tone, but I can still tell that the preamp is in the circuit. There is an "edge" to the tone in the active mode, while the passive tone is very warm.

    I have read comments that say the Audere preamp is very transparent. Will the active mode of the Audere preamp retain the warmth of the passive mode?

    Thanks for any input.

  2. Sufenta

    Sufenta Trudging The Happy Road of Destiny

    Mar 14, 2002
    The Signpost Up Ahead.
    I still think the Audere active is more than just a boosted passive. There is color there. I had a GS5 and IMO the Bartolini pre in it had a similar effect as my current Audere(d) Cote.
  3. rc_1manband

    rc_1manband Supporting Member

    Aug 3, 2006
    Houston, TX
    I agree that the Audere Pre is truly a boosted passive. After talking with David Meadows and using the preamp for about a half a year I know that the preamp tell the truth. This is probably one of the best preamps out there.

    Now the quality of construction of the bass really matters. I had an MTD Z5 and I could tell the true sound of the bass. Bartolini does a bit of "wood tone masking" which I think in many cases is for our own good.

    But I would recommend Nordstrand any day.

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