SOLD Audient iD14 USB Interface - potential issue or incredible deal!!!

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    Saskatchewan is the deal...I have what is starting to be an "outdated" iMac (late 2009) and I replaced a Apogee Duet with this lovely interface and have owned it for about 3 years. It is one helluva a great sounding interface with a built in DI that is top notch for real...very very good for this kind of unit!!

    (Check out the Reviews from a well known dealer - Audient iD14 )

    ANYWHO...About Xmas time, it started to have intermittent issues whereas I would start out playing and/or recording through the headphones or speakers and after about 20-30 minutes...the audio would get distort(y) and start flaking out...if I turned everything off and closed any open apps or webpages, it would be good again and zero issues and then it would resurface...blah blah blah

    SOOOO...I updated the Firmware and the Software on the device and thought everything was great...but about an hour later...the same problem started happening...same deal...when you first start out the audio is pristine and clear with zero issues, but after some time it will get SOUNDS like it is related to the OS I am running or because of the age of my machine and it MAY VERY WELL BE that the device is fine on a newer more stable computer/OS...I simply don't know that for sure...I am hopeful that if I sell this for a song, someone will get an incredible USB interface that will work perfectly...but I simply don't know that beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    I picked up a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 from a local store and I love the fact that it has MIDI integrated but it is NOT NEARLY AS GOOD audio quality as the Audient in my opinion...not in the same league IMO but it is working without any hiccups thus far so...instead of sending this to an Audient service center (as it is past the warranty term)...I am offering it up here for a $88 US funds via PayPal shipped anywhere in Canada or the USA

    It WILL work for certain but I have no way of knowing if that issue will be present with your computer or not but I am very hopeful it was related to my old clunky iMac!! An I.T. guy mentioned that it could be as simple as a faulty cable (which I did try to trouble shoot by using a different USB A-B cable) or giving it a good ole spray with canned-air...I don't know for sure...but I am posting it here to see if there is any interest!!

    Audient iD14.jpg Audient iD14 2.jpg Audient iD14 3.jpg Audient iD14 4.jpg Audient iD14 5.jpg Audient iD14 6.JPG Audient iD14 7.jpg Audient iD14 8.jpg Audient iD14 9.jpg Audient iD14 10.jpg
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