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Audio Engineering School??

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by boxernyc, Feb 12, 2001.

  1. boxernyc


    Nov 14, 2000
    New York, NY
    Yesterday I went to an open house at SAE(School of Audio Engineering.) I'm contemplating a career change, trying to make a vocation out of my avocation...also because I was layed off by a dotcom recently. I was very impressed with their facilities and the program structure, but am not sure about the job prospects for an audio engineer. It seems like there is a pretty strong demand for ProTools operators and post-production engineers. Can anyone offer any advice or personal experience about the pro's and con's of going to school for audio engineering, or any thing regarding SAE's reputation or alternative programs in the NYC area? It's a very expensive program so I want to make sure I do my homework before signing up.

  2. phaneo


    Mar 14, 2001
    Fort Worth TX
    You might want to check out www.recordingconnection.com it is a program that offers on the job training at a real studio. It follows a curriculum of text and tests but it's almost all in studio time. You have to interview at the studio as if it were a job interview and must be accepted. It supposedly takes around 10 months and is around $4,000. The thing is you do it in your spare time. You keep your job and do it on weekends and in the evening. I don't know how legit it is but I was looking, the same as you and came across this place. If you call they will send you some info. I personally didn't have 4 grand so I had to pass. It seems worth looking into!
    p.s. if anyone has any pos. or neg. info on this please post it.
  3. BOXERNYC, I have a friend who is currently doing a diploma in audio engineering with SAE and he said it is probably one of the best because it is recognised worldwide and he actually searched for ages trying to find the best deal and it came up trumps so if you are close to one go in and have a talk to some of the co-ordinators. The other good thing is that it is a specialist centre so with Audio Engineering being their main focus they always have the best equipment and teachers. Another option is to look at a Uni which offers Audio Engineering as a major in a degree. This is what I am currently doing and it also allows me to work on other areas of music at the same time like music management and the theory side as well. Sorry I can't actually give you any information on the NYC area but I think your best bet would be the SAE or a similar institution because the courses are focussed on specific area's of audio engineering and are a lot shorter than a Uni degree but definatley make sure that the course is a recognised one like that of the SAE. Good luck!
  4. boxernyc


    Nov 14, 2000
    New York, NY
    Thanks for the feedback. That recording connection seems like a good idea, if it's not as sketchy as it seems. Everyone I've spoken to says that you really need to get experience and build relationships in a studio, and that the best bet is self-teaching along with real life experience. That recording connection would be, basically, paying for an internship position...which might not be a bad idea if it is in a good studio. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford a comprehensive program like SAE right now. Maybe after my first album goes platinum :)

    Thanks again
  5. Yvon

    Yvon Supporting Member

    Nov 2, 2000
    Montreal, Canada
    I have a friend who took a course at Trebas. It cost him about 35 000$ and he is the only one "working". He made about 5000$ in the last 3 years...
    I guess you need some luck.

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