SOLD Audiokenesis Thunderchild 112AF

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    Dec 31, 2010
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    20190612_102256.jpg 20190612_102314.jpg 20190612_102301.jpg Incredible sounding high fidelity bass cabinet from Audiokenesis.Huge sounding with a weight of only about 28 lbs and only
    22"×14"×13" and features a 12" Eminence, a horn and a rear firing tweeter at 4 ohms. With the ports open this will fill a whole room from all around with amazing articulation. It has a on/off switch for the horns and a high cut switch plus 2 tunable ports with removable port plugs to dial the lows and mids in. It works similar to the older Trace Elliot cabs.This is the AF version which is acoustic and electric bass friendly. Rated at 500 watts and in excellent condition. $550 shipped and West Coast add $25
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