SOLD Audiokinesis Hathor 1203

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    1/22/17 AM: 3 people in line. Waiting for payment but looks like it's sold.

    $585 conus/paypal/shipped in original container. Discount for local pickup. I'm in NW GA but regularly travel I75, I85, I20, I24 thru Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Augusta, Columbia, Florence, Charlotte, Greenville, Nashville and could meet. I'll be in SC and NC this week.

    I had two of these. These are the cabs that ended my quest for the mostest/bestest/lightest/smallest. Then a friend showed up with one and took a shine to a bass I had. And I got this head that goes to two ohms...

    So now I have 3 because I'm an impulsive dummy. I've used all 3 once at rehearsal with my obnoxiously loud trio. It hurt to have this third cab blasting in my ear. Two are plenty.

    Then I took a shine to a dingwall down the road. Now I'm picking up a combustion because I'm a compulsive dummy.

    So this one's for sale. 8 ohms; 18" tall x 14" wide x 13.5" deep; weight 25 pounds; 94 dB; 500 watts; two switches for extra growl and/or top end.

    More details here: Hathor 1203

    IMG_4447.JPG IMG_4448.JPG
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    Les, could you please hang on to this until the next gtg? I'd love to hear the 3609. Lol

    P.S Shanon has a Noble on the way

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