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  1. Hey guys,

    1) So at the end of September I have my first audition lined up. There's one main guy, but he has already chosen a drummer and a guitarist - now he only needs a bassist. I contacted him; he seems like a cool guy and was very enthusiastic about my playing. I know I'm not the only bassist lined up for the spot, but from what I could tell he seemed to favour me.

    In any case, I have an audition with them - so, what should I prepare? I have a link to some of the guys tracks and I was thinking about learning them for the audition - would that be expected anyway? What's the chance of them wanting to audition me with covers?

    2) I got into university this year and they have a music scholarship program which requires a solo audition, also in September. Two years ago I got a scholarship to my school by playing Jaco's Portrait of Tracy - they seemed to like it because they hadn't ever heard anything like that before, so would it be a safe bet to try it for university? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks guys,
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    You wouldn't happen to be coming across the Atlantic to come to a place called Northeastern, would you?
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  4. 1) Just ask what's expected of you for the audition. I don't think that would make you look like an idiot at all. If you have some of their music, it would probably be wise to learn some of it.

    2) I've never done any kind of formal audition like this, so my advice here may not be worth much. However, my impression is that "Portrait of Tracy" is way overplayed at these types of things. It will be difficult to stand out. Personally, I would choose something a little different.