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Aussie Gig Guide

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Cams_Anthem, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. I think this is the right place for this thread

    Getting people to come to gigs can be tough, especially if your a new band and need every bit of support you can get, so all you guys living in the great island down under post up a list with you band name and any up coming gigs, or if you have no knew gigs coming up, just list your band and where your based and maybe on of us will see you in a flyer or bill in a bar and check you out, its also a great opportunity too meet fellow talk bassers.

    Anthem - Based in Melbourne, played gigs at the Armadale and Barley Corn but no knew ones at the moment.

    PS lets see some threads up from you guys overseas :hyper:
  2. i really should learn to type and proof read :eyebrow:
  3. Hey CAms...i'm Chris and playy bass for D-Day.

    We are a heavy rock group with catchy songs. Are a 3 piece but sound much larger.

    Would love to see TBers at our gigs...


    14th October.....Pony BAr, City

    30th October.....Melfest 6 at the Armadale Hotel, Armadale

    Rock on
  4. Maybe this would be better in Band Management or Misc.
  5. maybe a moderator could move it there??? :confused:
    I dont think i can
  6. Mods dont acknowledge aussies :D
  7. no many people do :D

    Maybe we should start an aussie faciton on talk bass, where we will be free from the violence inhernt in the system, where we can band to together to fight a common enemy...general John Turner will trenble with fear before us.......unless he devlivers a slab of VB to us. :p

    We do have a strange sense of national pride, considering 70% of the country dont know the nation anthem from start to finish.
  8. Marlat


    Sep 17, 2002
    London UK
    TB has the functionality to set up "groups" it would in theory be possible to have a group comprised of "Aussies" on TB.

    Another thing which I thought would be useful was if TB had a propoer "location" (ie selectable country and type in city) so that proper groups could be set up automatically (ie when a new person from Sydney joins up, they can be notified to all the other Sydney TB'ers etc).

    Just thoughts...
  9. yep, good idea.
  10. maybe we can put this idea to Paul? Any supporters

  11. Mark you gonna run for Prime Minister?

    Coz i wanna vote for you! :p
  12. I'm in for anything.

    Expat Scot in Melbourne and loving it all.

  13. Band name is Hallowed, based on the northside of Brisbane way, Burpengary if you're keen on hunting us down. Church worship type stuff, we played at a youth/young adults convention a fortnight back and might be recording sometime in the new year as a result of some keen interest. Due to the keys and acoustic guitarists being married later in the year we're having a easy time for a while.

    So is this more humor or gig stories?
  14. 2 coming up for me in Melbourne.....

    First at Pony BAr, City.......thursday 2nd OCtober

    with Drowning Girl and Unitshifter.

    On stage at 9.30

    Second at the Armadale Hotel, High Street, Armadale


    TImes and bands TBA
  15. Anyone who happens to be in Adelaide should check out a local original band call 'The Craving Daisies', they rock! Not sure of any future dates at this stage though (they usually play inner city venues).
  16. boink :bag:
  17. its because were smarter :D

    ill post again once we have dates :D
  18. playing around melbourne in the next few weeks

    "Laundry" on Johnson st, fitzroy. 1000-1045. Wed 27th October

    Our album launch, is on Friday the 5th of October at the Planet Cafe on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. band start about 930

    Hope to see you. Feel free to introduce your selves if you come
  19. I completely forgot about this thread, but my 2 jazz bands have played at the Matara Hotel at Charlestown the last 4 sundays in a row, i think my trio's back there in about 2-3 sundays
  20. Hiya

    The Antics - Adelaide, feel good party style music

    Sundays at The Queens Head, North Adelaide from 4pm

    Friday 21 May at the Daniel O Connell 9pm

    Come say hi, Adelaide TB'ers! :bassist: :D