Austin Basses?

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  1. A guitarest friend of mine is getting into basses, and while we were looking around for cheap basses we saw an Austin precision style bass. I just wanted to know if anyone has heard of these guys and have any comments, positive or negative. This particular one we tried was pretty well made from what I saw, had good action, and looked to be pretty sturdy, however I am not sure whether it would be worth it to get it or go for a Squire for him. They are about the same price. my Squire worked out for me okay as a first bass, but this particular bass actually had a much warmer and punchier sound then my bass ever seemed to.
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    Oct 10, 2002
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    My first bass was an Austin 5 string with dual humbuckers. Every Austin I have played (including my old one- 2001 model) had very week pickups. I haven't tried teh P, but I have plyed the dual humbucker, J, and musicman knock-off. Most Austin's are made of plywood, hence the thin tone. If you look at teh neck, its probably made from two pieces glued togather near the headstock, which is another low quality indicator. The finish on most Austin's chip and scratch rather easily as well. The pluses on the basses is that they are pretty light, and fairly playable with little buzz, so long as the action isn't set low. The bridge was a little better than most Squier's in the same price range. My Austin stayed in tune ok, but had terrible neck-dive with a normal nylon strap. All-in-all, I wouldn't pay more than lower hundreds for one. ($130..maybe) For the price, Essex and Squier are better basses. For $120, I was very happy with my essex, and its a much better value than the Austin. Hope that helps!
  4. Austin. Made by St. Louis Music company. used to be Bently. Bently was good but when they changed to austin they started sucking.
    I've played an austin...... light but with a weak sound and a hollow B.
    THe bently 4 string P i had had KILLER thump even acoustically.. i wish i had that back...
  5. I still have mine, minus the frets. After getting my L2500, 8 months later, I decided to pull out the Austin's frets, and that whistle really changed it. I set the action really low and it feels and sounds so much better than when I first had it.It does have a warm tone and all, but I really think that the Squire P-bass has a better feel for it and everything.