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Australian Luthiers?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Moley13, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Hi TBers,

    I'm not currently in the market, but have been thinking that it would be really nice to have my next bass hand made. I've got the impression from this forum (particularly that thread about "EXPENSIVE" basses) that aside from the "big name" handmade/custom luthiers like Sadowsky and Alembic, there are heaps of guys in the states doing much smaller/lower scale production of handmade instruments as well.

    I was just wondering if anybody knew of any Australians doing this?
  2. There are a few guys building in Australia and a bunch of keen amateurs like myself. You're on the wrong forum for it really...


    This is the Aussie bass forum. As far as local builders, try these guys...


    There are another few guys around as well, but these are the ones that come to mind. Bill P has uprights on his site, but he can pretty much build anything from violins and mandolins to guitars and uprights.


    P.s. check your inbox too
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  3. Jeff Mallia is the man I'd be going to. I don't own one of his basses personally, but he did work on one of my basses, and his own ones both look and sound incredible. He's a really nice guy, passionate about basses. From what I understand, his basses run in the $4-5000 range.


    I'm sure Maton would do you a custom bass too, though they are more guitar guys. They're basses do look pretty nice, however.
  4. Thanks guys! I've got a few PMs too - I wasn't completely across the no-advertising policy here. I guess if anybody digs up this thread down the track, PM me and I'll forward you the PMs.
  5. Wow, he made Steve Hunter's bass! Cool!
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  6. Saw him play the other week. It's one nice bass.
  7. DreamError


    May 30, 2014

    the warranty/after-sales support is pretty nice, too, especially if you're in Perth, which I see you are not even close... But they do claim to travel throughout Australia every year.

    Not to be too OT, but I had to laugh when I was in Canberra back in March. It's like the city just gives the finger to draught lol.
  8. That place looks cool too. Added to the list.

    "gives the finger to draught"?
  9. DreamError


    May 30, 2014
    I meant that there seemed to be water fountains in every direction I looked. Recycled water? Or does Canberra have some huge aquifer beneath it? Or just a case of "we're the capital, so we must look pretty."?

    I was mostly near the national art gallery and that large manmade lake with the geyser-like fountain, though.
  10. Ah, definitely that.

    Oh, the burst water main? We really have to get that fixed....
  11. I live in Canberra because I go to ANU, not sure there's THAT many fountains. I'll admit, the one in the lake is the ugliest and stupidest water feature I've ever seen, so it itself is more than enough. A thing of shockingly bad taste.

    Make sure you don't actually go in the lake though, you'll be ill for the rest of the year.

    To stay slightly on topic, there's actually a really good music scene in Canberra, especially for jazz.
  12. DreamError


    May 30, 2014
  13. Dude, who ARE you? I graduated last year! PM me (or write up your first name).
  14. Fun Size Nick

    Fun Size Nick

    Feb 21, 2006
    Hong Kong
    Not sure why I didn't spot this before! I don't know if he's still making basses or is more focused on distribution, but Thomas Koenig of http://www.konigbassworx.com.au/ is local to Canberra and is a super nice dude. I borrowed the bass in the front page picture from him for a couple of weeks back in 2007 when I used to live there, he was interested in getting feedback from local pros. It was a very well made bass but it wasn't my style - very much a modern, active bass.
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