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Autocad WS for Android users? Alternatives?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by T-Bird, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Hi.

    I searched, nothing come up.

    A bit of background.

    In my line of work the blueprints are huge.
    Huge, like 1m*3m

    The paper copies get pretty ragged pretty quick as I have to drag 'em around the construction sites, writing notes and measurement values on them.
    Folding and unfolding takes its toll after a while.

    I can get (and have gotten) the blueprints in .dwg form and uploaded 'em -through a effing cloud :eyebrow:- into my cheapo 7" Dmtech tablet.

    Everything's good and dandy and works heaps better than the paper sheets except for two things:

    I can't seem to control the text height/line thickness for some reason, so my notes get buried into the maze of other information on the pic.
    That feature I can live with and there's methods (like scaling afterwards, one by one) of going around that but not as easy as a fixed, larger, text height.

    The cloud thing is not something I'm able to live with for long I believe, because it disables me from accessing the .dwg and .dxf files directly from SD card or USB storage device.
    More importantly, I can't easily transfer the files beween computers.
    Everything has to go through the cloud/account it seems to me.
    Supposedly makes e-mailing 'em a breeze though.

    There's a plethora of things I like about the Autodesk's free offering, so if someone would have any pointers about those two inconveniences, I'd be very grateful.

    OTOH, if someone knows a "better" solution, I'm all ears.
    A some kind of layer control is an absolute, non-negotiable requirement though.
    I usually have about a hundred layers in the pics that I need at least to turn on/off if nothing else.
    The more advanced the layer control, the better. Obviously.

    I do very much like the possible alternative app being free as well, just like the WS is, I don't feel like paying much for convenience that is in no way compensated or even encouraged by the people I work for.

  2. Bluebeam PDF viewer. If you export to PDF with layer info, you have complete layer control for turning on and off, looks just like a paper copy with line types and colours as you use a plot file to turn it into the PDF. Plus, you can add notes as a markup in the viewer. It isn't free though.


    Edit: there are likely other PDF viewers that do the same thing, I just have experience with Bluebeam.
  3. Another thing, if you tape the edges of your paper copies, they last a lot longer. That is what we do when we go into the field.

  4. Hi.

    Thanks for the tips, appreciated.

    I'll look into the Bluebeam, but I have slight reservations about anything associated with PDF ;).

    We do sometimes laminate the paper copies, but then they become damn near impossible to fold. Taping the edges does help, but our main problem is the lack of space to put down the sheets, so they get dirty as well.
    The sheer size of the paper copies, and the fact that we often work on ladders and platforms makes the tablet even more ideal.
    If only my current employer would see it that way :).

  5. I know what you mean, paper can get annoying. What are you doing that require drawings that large?

  6. Hi.

    I balance HVAC and central heating systems, and one dawing is usually one whole floor.

    The way those drawings are drawn, or more precisely, how the layers are selected for the ones we use, makes it hard to scale 'em smaller than 1:50.

  7. Ah, I deal with roads mainly, so I am used to dealing with scales around 1:250-1:500 typically.

  8. Hi.

    Thanks for the link.

    Actually I've used DWGSee in the past with PC and IIRC the hospital I work ATM uses it for viewing the draftings as well.
    I'll give it a shot, that's for sure.


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