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Avalon 737sm vs Aguilar DB680

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BassSlave, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. BassSlave


    Mar 2, 2006
    Chicago via Park Forest IL
    Endorsing artist: Sadowsky Basses & Dean Markley Strings
    I am writing because I read the remarks made about the 737sm not being suitable for road worthiness and I just could not hold myself. I have had mine for about five years and just recently acquired an Ag db680. I've always used the 737 live as well as the studio. Comparig it to the 680, there is no comparison as frar as the DI is concerned. The 737 has a superior tone going out the DI. I haven't checked the 680 out live yet, but the 737 has a great live sound as well. Once you understand the controls and the dangers of using too much of anything or exceeding the bass range, you will find that you can get the live sound you crave. I've never had a sound tech tell me that it was overkill. Actually they would pick up the DI's left on the floor for bass and tell me that they can't wait to hear how their systems sound with the 737. The only drawback ids that since it is a mic pre (or single channel strip), it only has one XLR DI out which is capable of +30db out so you have to use the output gain to adjust it for -4db or lower range which means you have to have a good power amp to achieve a comfortable stage volume and DI out simulataneosly. I have fix this by using the Behringer Ultra DI which has 4 DI outs that can be set indfually but use the same signal out from the 737. This allows me to achieve -40, -20, +20 or 0db padding for each DI channel. This way, I can have nominal output for my amp, even split it to both channels of my DPC 1400x for stereo operation, while sending a mono or stereo padded out to the house. There are other ways to do this as I've spoke in depth with the folks at Avalon, and you can spend anywhere up to $5K for a multi DI, but I opted for the $150 Behringer which doen not change the sound of the 737. The Behringer DI also has phase reverse, GND lifts, and 8kHz high cut filters on each channel. Not to mention the Avalon has a variable HP filter from 30-14hZ (very useful for tightening up the flabby low end), which you can tweak by hitting your lowest note at full volume and just tunr the knob and stop when you are satified with how much excursion you want you speakers to move.

    I don't know why some guys here concluded that the 737 is too delicate and should stay in the studio. It's built very tough and has a better protection for the 4 tubes in it versus no protection on the 680's 5 tubes. You can see that I still use a shock rack and have dropped it a few times off of my dolly while gigging, but every time it falls, I have never had a problem. ANother great feature of the 737 is that the guys at Mercenary music is so great that they sent mme a loner and paid the shipping when I wanted to add the modification which opts for the compressor to have a fastere attack time. This comes in handy for bass as the stock compresser is great, but just a tad slow if you want a extremly quick and puchy recorded bass. (I almost never use compression live). Not only that, but they did the $50 mod for free. Now which bass company or dealer out there, sends you a brand-spankin'-new loaner AND pays for shipping, makes the mod and trusts you to send the original back? I met the district rep for Avalon at a NAMM show and he is also a bassists who has one in his rig, but he told me that Nathan East uses one, as well as Prince. I'm told that they will have it in the FOH rig so it takes the direct bass signal and the sound guy has the honor of tweaking the house. Also, the 727sm edition is cheaper than the db680. I just bought my 680 to lighten up my rackfrom four to two spaces. But I now have to worry about damaging my more expensive Ag 680 while the 737 sits at home in the studio. So I conclude that this is an ideal bass preamp. not to mention acoutic guitar and mic preamp. Plase listen for yourself, but don't take anyone's word for it until you try it. Guys tell me all the time, the Avalon's a piece of studio gear, but when they hear me live, the girls at the bar in the back always say I'm their favorite bass player cause they like the way if feels...........

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  2. And THAT is the most important thing! :bag: :D :bag:

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