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    Feb 23, 2011
    I have a Zoom MS100bt that I run after HPF pre then into my PJB FlightCase 150. Today we were at an outdoor gig with my DB and I was only hearing the lows and it was feeling like it was going to feedback. I use a MSP body piezo mic. First I tried rolling down the HPF, but that didn't fix it. I had a six band EQ and Avalon U5 pre amp programmed into the Zoom. We were already playing and I didn't have time to mess with the EQ so I killed it but that didn't fix the problem. The Avalon sim has the 6 tone curve knob. What a life saver it is. Between tunes, I tried a couple different positions and found the one that cut through the mix. We then had to lug our gear into a gym and I rotated the knob and boom I was sounding good. Man I know the Zoom is a cheap imitation to the real thing. I can see why it is so handy in the studio. Makes me wish for the real thing someday.
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    I've used the Avalon U5 as a pre in the studio, and one of the settings really improved the tone quality of a Realist. Mark Johnson has used one live.
    They do really improve a piezo pickups sound. Not my thing of course. If I were saving up for a pre in the $600.00 price range, the Grace Designs
    Alix would be my first choice. It has more flexibility than the Avalon and a larger feature set. Just my take though.

    Ric ALiX-1-2.jpg

    It's also significantly smaller.
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