SOLD Avalon U5 w/case

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    BE3A7DEB-0392-47ED-8C18-41F9F5877DDE.jpeg 2929541B-DB7C-40F5-A534-2C235583B549.jpeg 513CD387-5B00-4065-B257-A340F814B5EA.jpeg 8D7A075D-5068-45C9-B7C2-316702A4EA9C.jpeg 05B7BF10-292D-4CBA-8CBA-727D18FD963E.jpeg 9D487471-AD3B-4E55-A03B-7462415A133C.jpeg 8AA0B846-3F3C-499B-8C17-0A17D5B56F8C.jpeg 87E54C26-2616-4976-BC1B-16371C22E426.jpeg For sale: Avalon U5 15th Anniversary edition DI/Preamp in very good condition. Comes with manual and case. There’s one issue with the Tone knob crackles a little while adjusting. Still functions properly as do all the other functions. $425 OBO shipped. PayPal payments only. UPS Insured. SHIPPING CONUS ONLY. Will ship within 3 business days of received payment.
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