Avatar 12 or 210?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Osama_Spears, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. Avatar B112

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  2. Avatar B210

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  3. Avatar Carrots

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  1. In your opinion...what amp do you think would be better for playing metal and punk?

    I like some good mid-range and punchiness keep in mind....

    thank you for your comments.

  2. c'mon guys
  3. Lenko


    May 3, 2003
    What kind of bass are you playing? Which amp are you using? Do you have any other cabs?
    IMHO, non of them will be perfect on it's own;
  4. Ibanez GSR190

    I am prob gonna get a 300 watt Behringer, Ashdown-copy amp...

  5. Lenko


    May 3, 2003
    I'd go with Avatar 2x12"; cab with only one speaker won't be loud enough if guitarists and drummers are loud (and they probably are if you play punk-rock and metal;) ).
  6. tell me how you like the behinger 300watter.
  7. If you're only going with 1 cab, you should go with the 2-12's. I'm not bashing Avatar, but I doubt that their 210 model would be sufficient in a punk-metal band. I almost went with both of those cabs...and I still think that would be a great system. That would be about 550 for both + shipping, not a bad deal.
  8. oops, just realized that you're thinking about a 112 or 210. hmmm...now I dunno.
  9. oops, just realized that you're thinking about a 112 or 210. hmmm...now I dunno.
  10. I'd add a second cab (112+115 or 210+115)

    the 2x10 is 25 bucks more...and im wondering if it's worth it...

    they both have tweeters...

  11. I'd add a second cab (112+115 or 210+115)

    the 2x10 is 25 bucks more...and im wondering if it's worth it...

    they both have tweeters...

  12. I'd add a second cab (112+115 or 210+115)

    the 2x10 is 25 bucks more...and im wondering if it's worth it...

    they both have tweeters...

  13. If you're on a really tight budget I'd reccomend getting a CB115 for now. I'd add a CB112 to that. The 15 will be louder I'd assume, I own it and it has enough punch... I mean unless your slapping a lot and playing fast, a tweeter isn't nesecary. It'll definetly round out your sound though.

    Obviously $25 looks like it decides on what you get (me being 15, I settled with the CB115 and f*cked the tweeter). I was originally planning on getting the 2x10, and Zeromus-X told me to be nice and ask for a discount. Dave said he'd let me buy the b210 for $215. That's his ebay price. I couldn't wait anymore because I had just got my allowance and was able to afford the CB115. I looked on ebay and he had those selling for $175. I offered 185 and he took it. What I'm saying is decide on what you want, and remember if you ask nicely he will lower the price afew bucks.

    With you I'd honestly suggest two cabs. If you play a 5 string bass you will want a 12" speaker somewhere. But for more volume I'd reccomend the 15. I'd consider acouple of his CB cabs. If you only play a four string an extra speaker may be louder, so I'd get the 2x10, it won't bottom out unless your using a low B alot. Either way you're going to find the need for another cab with that style of music. I was rehearsing with my jazz combo and was pushing my amp to 3 (im pushing 240 watts into it)... I'm just saying, if you're pushing your amp past halfway, you need more power or another speaker cab. These CB cabs are designed to handle 500-600 watts though. I'm considering flipping the CB115 on its side and adding a 2x10 or 4x10 on top for rock Settings. I need some more mids... But I may just settle for a CB112 as its made to compliment the CB115 that I have...

    Good Luck. You'd definetly be heard at rehearsals if your pushing enough power into it, but for show your going to appreciate another cab and you wont risk clipping your amp...
  14. for now have a gas attack and look at a better detailed picture
  15. Well...

    The Shows around here aren't exactly that large....like 100 people max shows pretty much.And I don't even have a band yet.The Amp I think gives around 180-210 watts,which is fine...because we're not rich over here to buy half stacks(well most of us) My friend uses a B115 Ampeg Bass Combo(100watts) and is fine w/ that...so,I think I should be fine w/ almost twice as much as his :cool:

    -I play a 4 string(EADG) and plan on keeping my next bass 4 string...so,I dun really need the lowest of lows...Also,for punk and metal(/my style...kinda) I like using mids alot...to cut through sweetly...and I think the 2x10 would do that...I am pretty sure that I will add a cab in the future...most likely a 115 for added lows and volume,and the 210 and 115 will provide good lows,highs,and mids.

    -As of now...It's not the easiest for me to get money...I do not make very much (5 dollars allowance + 20(if my Neighbor wants me to mow her lawn) And I have 200 right now for the head(thats how much it's gonna be.The amp also has a "Ultra Bass" knob on the EQ,so I can add some nice lows if needed.

    ...Thats really cool that he'll go down in price,if you're nice:) I'll be sure to ask him nicely if he could take some digits off :)

    Thank you guys for your help...


  16. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003
    The 210 is also about 4db more efficient than the 112 in the bass and mid band due to 1) the driver itself is about 3db less efficient, 2) there are two 10's in a 210 (I know, duh), and 3) the EBS alignment of the Avatar 210 means you have a little dip below about 250 hz, or otherwise you should have about 6db difference.

    I dunno what this is all worth to you. I have the 210, but have not heard the 112. As high and steep as the rolloff is for the 210 - I was worried that it would lose not just depth, but volume on the lowest notes. Regardless of what may be hapenning for real, it does not really sound like that. There is a very noticeable thinning of the bottom on the lowest notes, but the perceived volume of the note does not fall off into the abyss, which is what I was worried about. (That and destroying the things with my 5 string.)

    I don't play punk. I have no idea what kind of sound you're going for, but if you think you might be volume constrained at least think about the ramerfercations of this. The Aguilar GS-112 is less expensive than two Avatars.
  17. Hehe...thanks for the info man...

    but,I am not looking into getting both cabinets

    I am looking into getting 1 and maybe another cab,in the later future...

    I am probably going for the 12 because it is cheaper,has a tweeter,and seems to be more wide-spread as far as the note volume/efficeny goes:)

    So,I am pretty much settled on that.

    But...as for the head,I still am a bit confused.

  18. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    durr, jon, your not gonna cut thru anything with just 1 12" in a metal setting.

  19. My friend does with a 100 watt 15 inch speaker combo amp...:rolleyes:
  20. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    A Peavey combo with a 15" Black Widow makes more volume than either of the Avatar cabs you mentioned at 300w; the speakers are something like 102db sensitivity.

    If you want max volume for the buck, get a used 100-150w Peavey combo with a Black Widow.