avatar 210/212 cabs

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  1. hey all! i'm looking to start up a rig, and was looking at avatar cabs, due to their sweet price and apparently great sound for this price.

    i'm looking at getting a 210 and a head to start. i don't make much money...
    but later i'm looking at getting a 212 to go with it. i plan to power all of this with a yorkville xs400h head, until i can afford the 800 watt one.

    so the questions are

    1) which 210 should i get? the kappa pro looks like it would be a force to be reckoned with! but then again the delta is much less of a burden on the wallet. should i get the neo?

    2) if i get the neo, should i get the 212 neo to match? are the neo's worth it? weight vs $. it looks to me that 10lbs aren't worth $100 or so. but are they incredibly better then the deltas?

    thank you very much if you answer!
  2. Emprov


    Mar 19, 2003
    When I ordered my cabs, (neo 210/212), Dave said that he was considering selling nothing but neo 210's. He said that 8 out of 10 210's that he sells are neos and he's seeing less of a need to carry Deltas and Kappas. Not sure if he'll actually do it but that's what he told me. And, if it were me, I'd go with a neo 212 before the 210. It's much more well rounded and I think that it cuts through the mix much better than the 210 -- all in all, it just plain sounds better. Haven't played though any other Avatars but mine so those are the only comments that I can make.
  3. +1, but I only have experience with the 210 Neo as of yet. But I've got a 212 Neo on the way, so if need be, I can give you more info when it arrives......

    As far as weight vs. $$$ goes, I didn't mind paying a little extra for lighter cabs, and the tone is well-balanced in the 210 compared to the mid-scooped Ampeg BXT cabs I had been using, and I can see the 212 giving the same "flat" response.

    Awesome tone and nearly 1/2 the weight of what I had? Priceless.