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Avatar 210 cab review

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Magman, May 2, 2002.

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    Well, after reading a couple positive reviews on this forum and doing a bit of research on other cabs, I got a 4ohm Avatar 210 cab online, arrived yesterday. (235 dollars inc shipping) I wanted a cheap, small but loud and good cab for jamming, and one I could use guitar and anything else with .

    My gear is budget rig consisting of Peavey Forum bass (decent passive pickups, great neck, cheap hardware, good sound), Peavey mark6 amp (400 watts 2ohms, reasonable though not very exciting sound), Sans Amp bass driver (fat exciting sound!!)and tech 21 XXL overdrive pedal.

    So... build of cab is cheap but sturdy. Plastic corners, no legs, metal side handles, carpet coating, plywood. Tweeter attenuator knob is 'solid'. Rear ported. Grill on the front will stop accidental kicks/bumps hurting the drivers, but if the cab fell out of a truck face first onto a large brick I'd be concerned. Its 50lbs or so, -- heavy but no danger of wrecking your back.

    Sound.... well, its sounds fine, if not great! No complaints. With the sans amp 'on' (which it always is) the tone is rich bassy, clear and responsive. I can;t do a side by side, but I think a rival 210 cab would have to be *significantly* better to warrant spending the $200-400 more that it would cost, and I don;t see that peavey or hartke or whoever
    are really going to provide such a significant difference. For 150 more though you can get one of those bag end 15 inch little cabs,....

    Loudness... the emminence deltas are 99db sensitivity each putting the cab at ~102db. With my amp putting out 200 watts and turning up so the clipping protector light is flicking on regularly, bass guitar was shaking the house and general impression was 'pretty loud'. Not trouser shaking or chest pounding, but should hold up against loud drummers well. With overdriven 6-string guitar:loud, very meaty "earplugs definitely needed" territory.
    I quickly got the impression that the cab could handle a lot more than i could give it - a second one would allow the amp to put out 400 watts but that still isn't at the 600wtt program rating. 2 of these cabs driven by a 1000 watt head for plenty of headroom would be *very* forceful I think, in a pretty small package.

    Bass reponse - havn't really had a chance to see how much of the low bass (below 60hz) is coming through. Subjectively though, no sense of weakness at all in the bassend, or speaker farting, and I tune about 3 steps down all the time.

    Summary - a bargain.
    The biggest (huge) difference in tone comes from using the SABD, and the limitation on volume was coming from my not-wussy amp. Being unable to do a side by side makes it hard to find the more subtle/subjective taste issue that may exist in the cab. Be interesting to see how the 210 compares to the carvin, which I remember getting good reviews in bass player mag.
    Also, the real test is a band situation which I havn;t done yet.

    If you're in the market for decent 'workhorse' cabs, (not boutique/creme de la creme) then I think avatar is well worth checking out - spend the money saved on a decent pre-amp!:)

  2. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    Yes I agree whole-heatedly. I own the Avatar 2x10 also (along with a 4x10 and a 1x15 as well). You summed it up perfectly. I did do a A/B or a side by side of my 4x10 vs my old Laney 4x10. Bottom line, the Avatar ate the Laney for dinner. Much more tight and focused, etc. The Avatar also acceled in the high notes, but to be fairt, the Laney did not have a horn so that high note thing should be left out. I have also owned many other "mid end" cabs such as Carvin, GK, Peavey, Laney, etc and the Avatar beats em all except maybe the GK for which I would say it's a close race between the GK and Avatar. Bottom line, the Avatar's are the best kept secret out there. Biggest bang for the buck I've ever had...

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