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  1. I have an old empty Avatar 210 cab I am wanting to load with some older Kappa Pro 10 16ohm speakers. I am trying to determine if this cab was tuned for Deltas or Kappas.
    I found a thread that gave basics on port lengths with the different drivers, Neos being the longest, Delta mid length, and Kappa Pro shortest. But it didn't list port depth measurements. http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f15/a...s-delta-vs-neo-here-you-go-hope-helps-201050/
    Does anyone know the actual length so I can determine if this is a Kappa tuned cab. This one measure in at 6 1/2".
  2. Measure the internal dimensions of the cab to get the gross volume.
    Measure the duct length and inside diameter of the vents.
    Create two projects in WinISD using two drivers.
    Change the box volume for gross - displacement of two drivers - vent displacement.
    Change the vent diameter, count and length.
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    You could always contact Avatar and ask. :)
  4. Just called Avatar and spoke with with Eric. He confirmed that with 6 1/2" port length it is a Kappa Pro tuning. He also said that the length for the the Delta and the Neo are the same. Now I'm going to load these Kappas and feed them some juice.