Avatar 212(4ohms) or two 112(8ohms) or 410(4ohms)??

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  1. Which would make for a better rig? I want to know which one projects the lows,mids,highs better? Also which one gives more headroom/volume?
  2. I have both - the 212 is more "all of the above." It's not particularly heavy; if you wouldn't have an issue hoisting it I'd get it straight off rather than paying the premium for the two 112s. It definitely does the lows better; the 112 x 2 setup might theoretically cover the high-mids better not so much so that it'd be a better setup. I'd go the 2x112 route only if you were certain you'd want just a single 12 on frequent occasions. Power-wise, pretty simple - the 112 is 250W, 212 is 500W..and definitely seems louder, even if we're talking 2 x 112s
  3. JMDT


    Jan 30, 2008
    Louisville, Ky
    212 > 2 x 112
  4. I'm going to have to disagree, IMO and IME the 2 x SB112 sounds a bit deeper and more open with 250 watts going to each driver. I believe this to be do the the increased internal volume per driver, and you can stack the 2 x SB112 vertivally, plus easier to move two SB112 than one B212, again IMO.
  5. Any possibility the 410 would be even better?
  6. I'd say the 4x10 has more punch and better mids. I'd also say that since you have two differering opinions on the 112 v 212 decision that you tell us more about the band mix you're fitting in with, what amp, etc. As an example, I get a much better low when I'm pairing the 212 with a Mesa as opposed to the LMII...(which shouldn't surprise anyone!)
  7. BeDon Bron

    BeDon Bron

    Dec 16, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    Why don't you get a 1-12" & a 2-10" and you have a bit of everything.
  8. I have an Acoustic B200H head and to my ears it puts out lots of low end and mids/highs. I play with two keyboards a guitarist and a drummer.
  9. Two keyboards? Do they both cover the full range...? Sometimes I wind up competing with my keyboardist for the lower octaves..I've never played that Accoustic head, but off the top of my head, since you've only got one other stringed instrument in that space, you'd probably be happier with a 4x10. Does it sometimes feel to you that you're covering the space a 2nd or rythym guitarist would be in?
  10. Yes, and I do feel like I compete with the keyboardists which is funny because with the GK 210 combo I never had any volume/headroom, the keyboards moniter rumbled more than my amp. Now with the new rig that im getting I am certain that wouldn't be an issue anymore.:D
  11. BeDon Bron

    BeDon Bron

    Dec 16, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    Nothing worse than keyboardists with some thump, it's like being the redheaded stepchild, you own every bad bass not. I agree with getting at least a 4-10 cab or 2-12's & 2-10's, if you want to go modular. Tough talk though, I think 200 watts into a 4-10 cab that is rated around 1000 watts is going to leave you looking for more head room especially if you're playing with keys who have bottom. I'm sure you tone will sound great but I doubt you'll have enough cut through. I think an Ashdown MAG 600H or something similar with a Avatar 4-10 would sound huge, but that's my $0.02.
  12. JMDT


    Jan 30, 2008
    Louisville, Ky
    Along similar lines, either a 410 or a 212 will probably not be loud enough through a the 200 watt head. My 212 with 500 Watts gets stupid loud, but either way, I believe you will also need to look at a new head to compete with keyboards and the such. I would definately look at an amp with about 500Watts, because I have a feeling you find the B200 inadequate.

    A 212 is almost as loud as a 410 so don't let that be a bearing on your decision. If you like more low end rumble, then the 212 is for you. If you slap a lot or want more punch, go for a 410.
  13. I think one difference is going to be that the 2x12 has 1 tweeter, whereas each 1x2 has its own, so you can dial in more high-end with 2 1x12 cabs if you so desire.
  14. jtc_hunter


    Feb 16, 2007
    I own both a 112 neo and a 212. I have to agree with some of the others. If you are going to use the 200 watt head, a single 112 will be enough. The avatars like to be run kinda hard. I gig with my 112 alot w/ a 320 watt head. ( a good amount of headroom) hardly ever run it past 12:00 straight up. I play with a fairly loud drummer, and 3 guitar players all on tubes and 12's. I would also agree that the 212 is more mid punchy, and the 112's are deeper. If you want deep, then go for 2 -112's. then you have the option of gigging one cab for smaller shows. Maybe later on you could get an amp around 500+watts. I really have to say it is nice to have more wattage than the cab is rated for. Clean headroom is sweet.
  15. Right now I am starting to lean towards the 410, I like a nice bass-fill the room kind of sound but some nice punch to for the slap and fingerstyle solos. The current setup at church is an Acoustic B200H, Fender BRX210, GK backline 115, to me it has plenty of volume but I really don't like the cabs that's why I am getting the avatar cabs
  16. Anymore opinions???
  17. Mystic Michael

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    I think Hunter said it all. Ultimately it boils down to personal preference, and for the sake of having a balance of some good low end plus the quickness and punchiness of 10s, then the 4x10 may very well be exactly what you need.

    For my taste, however, the (2) 1x12 combination sounds ideal. Or maybe even a (4) 1x12 combination.

    It may come down to whether you prefer to get underneath the keyboards (in which case go for the 12s), or punch through the keyboards (in which case go for the 10s). But for my money, modularity is where it's at. I'd at least consider (2) 2x10s.

    Whatever you decide, I'd definitely upgrade to a much higher-powered head. Too many cats try to provide the muscle for an entire band using only 200-300 watts. That's often entirely unrealistic... :eyebrow:

  18. I personally want to cut in the band not neccesarily overpower it. I like it when I can hear every instrument but a like the bass to fill the stage. One problem I had and hated with the GK 210 combo was that i could hear myself(barely) but when it came to slapping and the high register notes it sounded like it turned off, in other words no volume. I really don't know what to do now.:rollno:
  19. J. Crawford

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    Feb 15, 2008
    I just got a 210, soon to added with a 212 or 410.

    I love its sound.
  20. What head do you use with it???

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