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Avatar 212's, opinions??

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Rockit, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. I read some good reviews on the Avatar 212's and for the price they are quite attractive. I'm sure this has been covered here before but if any owners out there want to share their opinions with me I'd appreciate it. I'm looking to scale down from an Ampeg 610hlf cab and I don't have the cash for a Bergantino 212.
  2. T. Alan Smith

    T. Alan Smith Guest

    Sep 9, 2001
    I thought the Avatar 2x12 cab sounded great and a fantastic value. It'll sound quite different from the Ampeg 6x10. Best try before you buy.
  3. marklinca


    Nov 11, 2003
    So Cal
    If a Bergantino 212 is what you really want, cost no object, and you want to scale down (I am thinking in terms of weight/portability), I think the Aguilar 212 is a pretty decent mid-price choice. As 212's go, it is perhaps the most compact because it has ports on the baffle instead of a slot port. It would be noticably smaller and lighter, and I think more efficient, than the Avatar 212.

    You can find them in the $600 to $620 range at places like BassNW (WA) and Read Custom (MA) (places I have dealt with - I hear Bass Central (FL) also has a good rep). I have also seen lightly used ones go on ebay for $450.

    IMO, the Aguilars sound good with a lot of heads, except for Ampegs (sort of a dark on dark thing).
  4. I have a B212 with the Delta speakers, it is a great cab, very nice on the low end with plenty of mids and a decent high end. it can be a very loud cab if you put a lot of power into it, and I think it sounds great. you are not going to do any better in that price range. obviously Aguilar, Bergantino, and Epifani are going to sound better, but they should at that price. I like my B212 better than the B410 that I had for a while. much better low end.

    just make sure you have a good amount of power, they are not very efficient cabs and the more headroom you have the better.
  5. I'd be running it with an Ampeg SVT-CL.
  6. I am very pleased with my B212. Good lows, great low-mids, little less upper mids, tons of high end if you open up the tweeter attenuator. I am confident that it would be hard to find a better cab at this price. I don't like the sound of the tweeter, however, and plan on replacing it with a peerless soft dome.

    This cab can get plenty loud but don't expect it to be as loud as a 6X10. I would compare it more closely to a 4X10. This, of course, depends on the brand.
  7. Schwinn


    Dec 4, 2002
    Sarasota, FL
    I like the B212 as an all around cabinet. Wasn't too thrilled with the horn and when I melted the L-pad attenuator and possibly fried the horn, I was more than happy to look for another horn/tweeter. Lucky for me to run into BruceWane here at TB. The peerless tweeter he recommended was a definite improvement. Unfortunately I fried the attenuator again (why only 15W power handling, I ask?) and I damaged the horn. Now, I have a 100w L-pad installed and a new diaphram on the way for the peerless tweeter. I hope it all comes together because I miss the cab :crying:

    MuzikMan, if you go that route, not only will you have to make a mounting plate for the tweeter or some other solution, but also the 100w L-pad I used is bigger than the original so what I did was put on about 6 or 7 bolts from the base up to make it stick out inside the cab past the 3/4" plywood. This is also good to keep the control knob from sticking out too far anyway and getting damaged (at least with the 1" shaft). Good luck with it!! I'll post in the other thread about how the final result is after my upcoming repairs. :bassist:
  8. I'll keep watching.
  9. PasdaBeer


    Nov 2, 2002
    Santa Rosa California
    SandStorm Designs
    i think it sounds great, i couple it with a avatar 4x10 cab threw G-K 1001 RB2.
  10. How close to "off" can you set the horn without frying it? Can you just disconnect it altogether? The B212 fits my current budget better than any of the other cabs I'm looking at, but this horn issue concerns me. I'd prefer to just disconnect the horn completely if it wouldn't damage my amp or the other speakers.
  11. Schwinn


    Dec 4, 2002
    Sarasota, FL
    Well, the horn isn't really an issue. Avatar uses the same horn as other makes, like SWR. The original horn is a bit harsh sounding but it does the job just fine. Be careful not to turn the attenuator down all the way, then you may fry it if you send it a strong signal with lots of power. The attenuator simply over-heats. If you don't want to use it, disconnect it by removing the back plate and unsoldering the wire. It won't effect the overall impedence or screw anything up. I ran without the horn for a few weeks without problems.
  12. Schwinn


    Dec 4, 2002
    Sarasota, FL
    It's also relevant to ask if you slap and pop. If you don't then you will have no worries. I messed mine up because I was doing a lot of popping at high volumes. Before that, I'd used the stock horn for a year and it performed like a champ. Then I got into a new band where slap was required.
  13. No, I don't slap. I play in a Punk/Hard Rock band and I use a pick but I do play hard and loud with a fair amount of bottom as well as mids.
  14. Basspolizei

    Basspolizei Pseudo bass player/collector

    Jun 23, 2004
    Buy basses and lots of guns before it's too late! You have been warned.
    Avatars are awesome for the money from what I have learned. There is a low cost alternative if you would prefer the same power handling 2x12 setup without the carpet covering and weight. They are newly produced by Dr.Bass. www.DrBasscabs.com..........Web site not yet updated to show 2x12 but they do make one...FYI
  15. I found one used (barely, the thing looked brand new) at a local music store last week, play through it, liked it and took it home for 240 bucks. Brought it to rehearsal and started to like it even more. Played a show last night with it and it sounded killer. The price is awesome and sound was huge with my SVT-CL. I'm definitely a fan of these cabs now and when I sell my 6x10 I'll be getting another one for rehearsals and I'll keep the other in our van for gigs. Great value, great sound!!!!!
  16. TheChariot


    Jul 6, 2004
    Boston, MA
    Nice to hear of your success! I've also been thinking of converting to either Avatar or Schroeder, rather than my severely overweight Ampegs. I will probably go with a pair of Avatars.... simply because I'm really looking to have two 8ohm cabs, rather than one 4ohm cab.

    It's nice to hear that good quality can come from a low priced piece of equipment. :hyper:
  17. I like one 4 ohm cab but with my SVT I can use another 4 ohm cab if I like and run 2 ohms. At 1000 watts, I'm under powering the cab with a 300 watt SVT. At some point I want to invest in a good tube preamp and a Stewart World 1.2 power amp and have 20-25 pound, 1200 watt amp. I'll keep my SVT-CL forever but if I can find a great alternative that's light weight for live use I'm on it.
  18. Schwinn


    Dec 4, 2002
    Sarasota, FL
    :D I just got back from a gig where I used my (modified)B212!! Fantastic performance for 4 sets all night! Love this cab...
  19. 7thbass


    Nov 21, 2003
    Houston, Tx
    ditto. Great cab, fits in my backseat. Gotten compliments from other bass players.
  20. ...and so far I'm very impressed. Solid construction, nice tone, excellent volume, no issues or complaints. And Dave Noss is a super nice fellow.

    You'll get no bonus points for making the boutique purchase, but in the "bang-for-the-buck" category Avatars are unsurpassed.