Avatar B112 and C115 Compact Cabinets - $260.00

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  1. Avatar B112 and C115 compact speaker cabinets. These are the older style with rear porting. Each cabinet features a Emminence Kappa driver. The B112 includes a Foster horn. Each cabinet is 17-1/2"x17-1/2"x15" and weighs approximatly 37 lbs. Each cabinet is 8 ohm and rated at 450 watts RMS. Tb'er BillyB_from_LZ bought these cabinets new in May/June of 2002. The cabinets stayed in his smoke free home other than gigging with them once. I bought these cabinets from Billy at the end of April 2003. These cabinets have never left my smoke free home other than one trip to the music store to demo some bass heads. Cabinets are like new. Better than new actually since Billy professionally installed Speak-on connectors on these cabinets. These cabinets sound fantastic together. I only want to sell them as a set.
    $260.00 for the pair plus shipping. Units will be shipped in the orginal Avatar boxes and packing.
    Sorry about the picture quality - cheesy camera!
  2. Stack
  3. B112 front
  4. C115 front
  5. B112 back
  6. C115 back
  7. you have a PM
  8. Damnit...too bad I don't have 60 more dollars :(

    I'd really like the b12....

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    Apr 16, 2002
    western maryland
    do you accept paypal,and guesstimate shipping to maryland. email me,thanx(if still available/for sale)
  10. I'm interested if they're still available...PM Me if they are

    :::EDIT::: I want the B112...I'd have to trade to afford to pay for both of them...
  11. Cabinets are sold. Thanks everyone :)
  12. :mad: :mad: :bawl: :meh: :)