SOLD Avatar B212 Neo Genz Benz

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    Jan 24, 2012
    For Sale Only

    Up for sale is my Avatar B212 Neo speaker cabinet. This cab has been my workhorse the last 3 years. It is loaded with a pair of Genz Benz spec'd Faital 12" drivers, for a 4 ohm load. This cabinet with a Fender Bassman was my main rig for 2 years, and recently paired with a GK 400RB. The cabinet is able to be very loud, and reach some very deep low's, while being quite easy to move. The cab isn't too heavy but is a bit bulky, so I have added casters to allow the cabinet to roll for easier transport.

    Selling price is $250, local pickup in Northern DE is preferred. I can investigate shipping, but it is at your cost and will be pricey.

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  2. Darbitrator


    Jun 6, 2018
    Is this the same cab you had posted for sale a few weeks ago? Approx 40 lbs.?