For Sale/Trade Avatar B212 Neo

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  1. dcr

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    Hey there fellow TBers!

    For sale / trade I have an Avatar B212 with slipcover, loaded with Delta 2512s. It's 4 ohms and has the newer crossover installed. I also attached wheels, so it's a lot easier to move than it was when I got it. I'm the second owner, but the first guy said he didn't use it much.

    Asking $325 OBO plus shipping. If u happen to live in the DFW area, I'd be willing to make a road trip for a (very) few bucks.

    Trades welcomed for certain items. Especially looking for GK MB212 combo. Also interested in high-power micro heads or other pro-level combos by GK, MarkBass, Genz, Acoustic Image, EA, etc. If you happen to have Global Truss for trade, I'm all ears! 20170408_155021.jpg 20170408_155056.jpg 20170408_155111.jpg 20170408_155120.jpg

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    Dec 19, 2004
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    Sorry I meant to PM you my last comment on this thread. In any case, PM incoming and, for the public: Cool cab, great deal!
  3. dcr

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    Sprayed on coating? Pretry sure it's just Tolex.

    Casters removable? Well, they'll come off, but are screwed on. NOT pop-out style.

    LM3? Yeah, I'd be interested in a trade involving the MarkBass.