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avatar b212 vs dr bass rx212?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bebopdeluxe, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. bebopdeluxe


    Jan 14, 2005
    Trying to decide...one big factor is the weight of the cabs - the Dr. Bass is MUCH lighter - like 20 pounds?

    Any thoughts here? I know that they are both good cabs - I have heard that some people do not like the Avatar tweeter...is the Dr. Bass on better? And why IS the Dr. Bass cab so much lighter? Neo speakers?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  2. xb100


    Mar 24, 2004
    NH, In
    The dr bass cab is so much lighter because its made out of MDF. The avatar is made out of ply wood.

    Dr bass i've read have a better tweeter.

    But i'm not a big fan of MDF so if you do go with dr bass go with the birch line series. But ya both cab companies are great bang for your buck.
  3. Odd, I had always thought MDF to be heavier...
  4. I used MDF on the front panel of my Guitar amp cab I built.
    I works and sounds very good.
    I have the Avatar B115H and can say while I like the cab, tweeter circuit is cheap. Not the horn but the single cap used as a crossover. I just built a much better crossover and it now sounds fabulous.
  5. MDF is indeed heavier, however, notice that the man behind Dr Bass uses 1/2 inch MDF while Avatar (and most companies) use 3/4 inch voidless plywood.

    A lot of people get worried about rugged use on the Dr Bass cabs because of only having 1/2 inch of MDF.

    I hope that clears things up.
  6. Larry Kaye

    Larry Kaye Retailer: Schroeder Cabinets

    Mar 23, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    Just spoke to "DR Bass" and here's the latest:

    There are several Dr bass cabs to choose from with a 212 config....rx, birch for starters...

    He's now building a 212 three way with 3/4 inch plywood which weighs I believe in the low or mid 60 pounds and a 212 with Neo speakers and a tweeter that weighs only 51 pounds. The pricing I believe is between $479 (neo) and $529 + shipping and casters if you want them. They both respond down to below 40hz, have very high spl's and are 3/4 inch plywood built.

    Thought you might be interested.
  7. snake:>~


    Apr 11, 2000
    I received my Dr. Bass RX212 4ohm cab just under a month ago, and one of my main considerations (besides price, hey I’m poor okay…) was weight /size due to a severely blown disc and the wonderful sciatic nerve compression that has caused. I have only been "recovered" (i.e. walking upright without pain, and most of the feeling back in my left leg) since the first of January, but this cabinet has not contributed to any new strain. I can pick it up (47 lbs I believe), carry it down my back steps and put it right in the front seat of my '85 Mustang, no problem. Thanks millions Marc! I also just played my first gig with it this past Saturday night with my Behringer BX3000T head (Marc’s recommendation as well, another good one). It was a small room, so I actually have still not cranked this cab beyond the point between 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock on the head (7 o'clock being zero volume) and had no problem hearing it or being heard with it sitting right beside the drummer and having a keyboard player, lead/rhythm player and trumpet player all to contend with. Fact of the matter, I tweaked the volume just a hair at the end of the evening on Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain", kicked in the Rocktek chorus and Arion Tubulator I had gotten only days before (told you I was poor, but these actually work pretty well so far) and halfway through the song kicked in the Behringer's Ultrabass feature and started rocking the Dunlop 105Q wah and really had the folks coming alive with the sound coming out of that cab. So far I have no complaints whatsoever with the RX212, it is simply the lightest, most compact, best sounding bass cab I have ever encountered, and did I mention it hasn't hurt my back yet? If I were to complain about anything, it would be that the name plate (double stick tape on the back) fell off on the way back from my first practice with it, but this was easily cured with a couple of small strips of flexible fridge magnet with the adhesive on one side. Now I can mount the thing wherever I want, no problem. When the cab arrived, I found that one of the protective corners was damaged, e-mailed Marc, and he replied that he would send another. I haven't received it yet, but I know what his work schedule must have been like catching up on his December orders in January and he is supposed to be relocating to a new, larger shop this month (Feb.), so I know he'll throw it in the mail before too long. Anytime I have called, he has always taken time to talk bass with me and never tries to hustle me off the phone, great guy. He explained to me back when I was ordering the cab, that it would be a few pounds lighter than the specs on his website, because he had reconfigured the inner supports, or something to that effect. The drivers are Eminence, but I asked about Neo’s as a weight savings, and he said for the price difference it would not be worthwhile in my case (apparently they are only slightly lighter anyway). Give this cab serious consideration, as for the price, I doubt it can be beat for its’ all around benefits and sound. I will be posting a more full review after a couple of more gigs so that I can relate how it works in different size venues.