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Avatar Neo: B210 & B15H OR B410?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mattvon, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. mattvon


    Jan 22, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Okay, decision time: I'm considering replacing my SWR Henry the 8x8 with an Avatar cab/cabs. Everything I've read about them is awesome, and the weight savings with the Neo cabs is significant.

    The decision is this: I'm running a SVT-II head, and am looking for flexiblity in my rig. I'm considering either a B410 Neo or a B210 and B15H Neo. I play mostly rock: some sharper edged surfpunk, and a little fuzzy 60s garage rock.

    As I see it, both cab choices have plusses and minuses. The single cab 410 is great for most anywhere I'd be playing, compact enough and light, but may be overkill in small rooms and I'm concerned about the bottom end.

    The 210/115 is more flexible (I'd get them both at 4 ohms and be able to seperate them should I only want a smaller cab). No worries about low end with the 15, and the weight isn't too much worse than the 410. The hassle of lugging two cabs is a definate drawback, however.

    Sooo...any advice? Anything I'm overlooking? Should I consider a 212 instead? Arghh! The choices! The GAS! ;)

    Thanks for any advice in advance...
  2. yeah... anyone who could state an opinion on this would be most helpful... i actually have been pondering the same thing.. I figured I might go with either the 2 10s and a 15... or just 2 12's... obviously theres a big price difference there... but i still dont know what to do...

    so any help on His^ question would be great... i dont want to highjack the thread or anything
  3. I am curious about this too!

    I have been planning on getting a 210 and a single 15.

    But lately I've been thinking of getting a 410 by itself.. or really going all out and get a 410 with a single 15...

    Any comments about a 210 with a single 15 would be very helpful to a few of us it seems.
  4. mattvon


    Jan 22, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Oh yeah, I neglected to mention the fairly significant cost difference, too!

    $431 shipped for the B410
    $599 shipped for the B210 & B15H

    Something else to keep in mind, I guess! :eek:
  5. jz0h4d


    Apr 26, 2005
    The 410 is the way to go. The Eminence neo 10's have better bass response than the neo 15.
  6. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    Don't get rid of that Henry....you'll regret it.
  7. Tony G

    Tony G

    Jan 20, 2006
    I love my B410 Neo. Check my sig for my review.
  8. mattvon


    Jan 22, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    Thanks for the input! It's given me a lot to think about...

    Interestingly, if I were to pick up one of the Aguilar 210 cabs Musician's Friend is blowing out ($199+$19 shipping) and add to that a used B15H, the price gets close to the cost of the B410.

    So, with cost eliminated as a barrier, is the 410 still the winner? I did wonder about the percieved volume advantage of running my SVT at 2ohms with a pair of 4ohm cabs versus a single cabinet at 4ohms. It seems that 410 cabs are generally considered to be louder, but would that also be true when halving the ohm load? I know it's not "twice as loud at 2 ohms" but there should be some difference?

    Thanks again for the advice...
  9. Steelpulz


    Nov 4, 2003
    Inglewood, CA
    I have a B212 and a B410. I usually use them separately. I leave the B410 at on e church that I play at and use the B212 at other gigs. I have played them together at a rehearsal or two and my five string sounds wonderful through them.

    If I were you I would get a B212 and a B210. I think that is a very versatile stup. Depending on the gig, you could use either cab as a standalone.
  10. do you think that would do better with a 15 as the 2/12's? just wondering
  11. Steelpulz


    Nov 4, 2003
    Inglewood, CA
    I really think that the B212 setup will be better. I've never played through or heard the Avatar 15, but I think the 210/212 combo is much moire versitle. Either could be used as a standalone. I really like my B212. Actually, I use it more than the B410 as a standalone.
  12. greenboy


    Dec 18, 2000
    remote mountain cabin Montana
    greenboy designs: fEARful, bassic, dually, crazy88 etc
    The Eminence Deltalite 15 and 12 are kinda dogs. The Dl10 is better - especially the mod'd Avatar one - in fact I think for bass applications it's better than either the Kappa Pro or Delta choices. So IMO the best performance in Avatars is to be had from 210 or 410 Neos, or the 112 or 212 Delta LF versions.
  13. I've never tried Avatar's neo B212, but I have the B212 Delta-LF and the B410 Neo. The biggest difference is the mids. The B410 sounds much smoother, while the B212 has more edgy mid/upper mids. Either cab works great as a stand alone and should really scream with an SVT-II.
    I would also stay away from Aguilar S cabs. MDF is nice for subwoofer boxes but it isn't as strong as plywood and it weighs more.
  14. Skel


    Jun 19, 2005
    Boulder, Colorado
    I have the 2X10 Delta and the 1X15 Neo - just got it. I never thought my SVT-410HLF had enough bottom, but I was using a B2-R head. Then when I got my Classic head, the SVT-410HLF sounded killer - plenty of bottom. I'm starting to think Ampeg sounds best with Ampeg. I'm a big fan of 4X10's, and the 2X12 would probably also sound very, very good. The 4X10 is really a sure thing, when you are buying without hearing first. And Avatar does some custom stuff with the 10" speakers. Yes, you can return - but all the shipping charges and hassle - I doubt you would regret the 4X10. I still haven't made up my mind about Avatar stuff. I just agree with some others here - 15's can be a little boomy. BTW - I know Neo is lighter, but I've never done a side by side to see if they actually sound better, or even different than conventional speakers. I'm hoping to use (at least) my Avatar 2X10 Delta with the Gallien-Krueger 1001-RB head that I'm getting tomorrow. I wanted a very "non Ampeg" sounding rig just for some diversity, but I have a feeling I should have gotten the 2X12.

  15. Emprov


    Mar 19, 2003
    Deltalite 12 a dog? I'm sure that there are a lot of Genz Benz cab owners who'd take issue with that. It's got different tonal properties than the 10, but I'd in no way call it a dog.
  16. Emprov


    Mar 19, 2003
    I just ordered a new 210/212 yesterday. It'll be here on Monday and I'd be more than happy to post a review.
  17. chaosMK


    May 26, 2005
    Albuquerque, NM
    Hi-fi into an old tube amp
    I would go with the 2x10 & 1x15 setup. I dont know what the Avatar 1x15 sounds like, but I imagine it is pretty consistent with the rest of the product line.

    As a rig, you will get great full range tone. I prefer 2x10/1x15 to 4x10/1x15 because it drives the 10's a little harder. You will probably get a little more volume overall too.
  18. I played a 4 x 10 years ago and thought it to be awesome.
    I would go with the 4 x 10 neo.
    I have 2 15" cabs. One with Eminence Kappa Pro LF and the other with a JBL E140F.
    The Kappa Pro LF with extended XMAX produces excellent low end and the JBL awesome low mids, upper mids and highs.
  19. Steelpulz


    Nov 4, 2003
    Inglewood, CA
    Let us know what you think. congrats!
  20. Emprov


    Mar 19, 2003
    I did a tone of research before ordering them and everything that I read and heard was really positive so I don't think that things can go too badly. I'll be A/B'ing them with a Schroeder 1210, should be a fun comparison. :)