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Avatar.. No seriously its something diffrent this time

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by spencer, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. spencer

    spencer Guest

    Feb 22, 2006
    When Avatar first got big on the forums everyone commented on how great they were, then I noticed people began to put them down. I would like to know what are the oppinions of people NOW that have COMPARED them to other cabs Mainly Ampeg.. I began hearing things like they were very inneffecient and not tuned right ect. Any changed opinions?
  2. I own both an Ampeg head (B-2RE; a lower end head) and Ampeg Cabinet (PR410HLF; ultra high end ampeg). I needed a lighter more portable cabinet for small jam settings, so I asked for the 1x12 for Christmas. I got the SB-112; red tolex with the 250 watt neo 12" driver. To me this thing sounds incredible for the price. I almost bought 2 Bergie 1x12's, but I didn't walk away in love. This little Avatar is amazing. It looks good (I know, stupid, but it kinda inspires me when I play), sounds great with all of my basses (High End Ibanez and Fender), and really has good definition. It does get boomy every so often and the horn isn't my thing, but I can manage to work around it. I'm in love with my PR410HLF, and I'll prob never get rid of it, but I do plan on getting another Avatar 1x12 to have another rig to bounce around with. I like the sound of my PR410HLF more, its got a really really really good tone to it, but for the money the Avatar can't be beat (BTW I got the PR410HLF for $375 used cause I'm good friends with a music store owner, perfect condition too).
    My overall opinion- I don't know about how a properly tuned cab sounds, or what it really means, but I do know a good value and what sounds good. For the money the Cabs a 10, if I put it head on with some top end gear, its an 8.5.

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