AVRI63 sunburst?

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  1. Perhaps it's just me...

    I'm looking for another P-bass, and the new AV 63's are really catching my eye. And GAS.

    But, doesn't the 3tsb look a little odd? I think I've always seen sunbursts as more "transparent" (I know there's a better english word but I can't find it in my head) and letting the wood grain show through, at least in the yellow part.

    All the AVR63 pics I've seen seem to be quite solid and not showing any wood grain at all?

    Is that period correct perhaps, and all vintage sunbursts have faded to show the grain?
  2. Yep the new reissues have more period correct sunbursts (e.g., like the "real" 64 in my avatar). The regular American Standard bursts show wood grain however if you like that look better.
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    My '66... no grain showing.

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  4. Cool, that would've been my guess since everything else is so up to vintage specs.

    Now to decide for one of these NAV or look for a used CS, or perhaps just the right refin sixties P...