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  1. Well, I baught a fender bxr-200 setup, the bxr head, a 115 cab, and a 410 cab for 1400. But, last night I went to a concert and one of the bassists was using a hartke head with a gk cab, and I thought it sounded way better than mine.

    Now, unfortunately I have commmitted to buying the bxr (waiting for tuition cheque, paperwork's done). I could probably get a gk 700 and a cab for what I spent on the bxr, and sound way better. Do you guys think I should try and back out? I kinda rushed into the bxr, and also my dad didn't help as he doesn't notice a difference in tones at all.

    edit: That is in canadian funds of course.
  2. I had a GK800Rb for many years and I prefer them over the Hartke. Better tones and cleaner power!

  3. Yeah but I am really asking about comparison of bxr and gk or hartke, because I rushed into the bxr. I dunno, I would really feel like a jerk if I said I was going to buy it and backed out after the paperwork is done but before I payed.
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    Mabye just have a severe play with your settings and see if you can get what you want out of it. if not, then sell the brx and go with the GK ;)
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    any good store should allow you to change your mind
    also, most have a return policy within a short period of time
    best is if you can demo both at the same time
    overall i think the gk heads have stood the test of time better than fender and hartke
  6. Yeah, as above, esp. if the $$ hasn't crossed hands yet. Buy what sounds best to you now, rather than months of annoyance wishing you'd bought something else (and killing your creativity).

    GK, while not for me, does kick the butt of new Fender stuff. Haven't played thru a Hartke, so can't comment there.
  7. I totally agree with nil. If you exchange money, you'll never get it back. Don't go through with the deal just because you will feel bad for the salesguy. Tell them that you'll consider buying from them again when you are ready.

    BTW, are you buying used or new? From a store or a private owner?

    I bought a Geddy Lee Jazz bass from Long & McQuade and returned it the next day 'cause the salespeople were idiots. Got a $1000 refund on my credit card. Man, I miss that bass...
  8. There is what's called the buyers remorse contract........... if you change your mind within 72 hours of purchase they have to refund you your money!

    Getting them to stick to it is another story!

  9. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
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    BACK OUT!!!! Do what feels right for you!

    Keep looking. if this will be your first 'rig' and you get the "grass is greener over there" on other things just get use to the fact that every now and then you may want something different.

    my experiences in four years...

    3 basses, 4 combos, 1 head, 1 pre, 5 cabs, 3 effects, $6,425 plus tax I feel I'm closer to satisfaction
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