AXL Tiger PRO???????

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  1. TomLeggate


    Feb 21, 2004
    Hey this is my first post!!! :)

    I bought an AXL tiger Pro last summer from a music shop in Glasgow (Scotland) for £230. I bought it because it was the cheapest 6 stringer I have seen and I was looking for something different, I usually play 4 strings. I have hunted on the web for information about it but I can't find anything about it. The pictures of it can be seen at the link below.

    All I know is that AXL aren't a great brand but I don't know anything more. The guy in the shop said that they made guitars for other brands to put their names on them but I don't think he really knew anything about it at all.

    My other basses are
    2000 MIM Precision Deluxe Special,
    1996 MIJ Precision (in the process of having 2 american J pickups added),
    1995 Tanglewood Nevada, (My first bass which I loaned to a friend 18 months ago and I haven't heard from since!) :meh:
    and a Westfield bass (4 string) that I "aquired" from my school when I left. It is in the slow process of being converted to fretless.
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    I believe that AXL basses are made by the same company that makes Johnson stuff.