B-15N (B-15NF) Restoration Advice - Dating etc.

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    Aug 15, 2015
    Hi all,

    I am just getting ready to dive into a B-15N Restoration. I want to make sure that I do not do anything to reduce the value of this classic amp and would appreciate any advice on the following:

    1. Is it considered blasphemy to convert the amp and cabinet connections to 1/4"? Is there any advantage to the original 4 conductor plug? My cable is not in very good condition, especially the rubber piece that connects to the amp chassis.

    2. At some point someone added an extra hole to the back of the chassis. Since its there... I had the idea of putting in a simple switch that jumps all of the jacks together so that a splitter does not have to be used to mix the channels.

    3. What is the original color of the plexi logo supposed to be? I am thinking about converting the under lighting to LED and would like to match it.

    4. Should I convert the power cord to 3 prong?

    5. I plan on rebuilding the PS. I have done both replacement multi section cans and restuffed in the past. Any thoughts on the best option for replacing the can? I see a lot of people using a large Solen cap under the chassis as well. Is this generally accepted.

    6. Any other routine maintenance that should be done while I'm inside?

    Do I have a 64? The serial number on my unit is: 040973, schematic and PCB are both marked B-15NF, outputs are 6L6GC, Single Baffle, CTS speaker that looks like it has been reconed.
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