B.B. King's latest touring bassist???

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  1. A little late - but I saw B.B. King play twice here over the summer, and I've been wanting to find out who the bassist was the played with him during that tour (his 80th Birthday tour). I haven't been able to find out through their website or anything...The guy was playing a Yamaha RBX 5-string through a Gallien Kruger 800RB (I have that amp :) ), and it sounded killer!!! His playing was really great too.

    And B.B.'s still as good as ever. Definatly still got it :D
  2. I'll be seeing B. B. in Rochester, MN on Sunday, 12/11. I'll let you know who is with him now, it'll probably be the same guy.
  3. Awesome. Is it the same tour? With Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Wayne Shepherd?
  4. My tickets don't say who is opening and make no mention of his 80th birthday. A co-worker is seeing him a day or 2 before me and she told me she was going to his 80th birthday concert. My kids surprised me with the tickets and, to be honest, I'm so happy do be going (and touched by the kids' gracious gesture) that I hadn't even thought about the details! I first saw B.B. about 35 years ago (Sonny Freeman played bass then) and it's been almost 8 years since I saw him last.
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    Jul 14, 2003
    I saw him last spring, and wasn't impressed at all with him or his bassist. The bass sound was total crap. And BB doesn't play much at all anymore, it was just a bunch of gospel-type sing-along BS. I was really disappointed. That AIN'T the blues.
  6. He's 80 years old and diabetic! In my view, he's a national treasure, not because of the hot licks he may or may not play Sunday night but for who he is, what he's done and what he represents. The older bluesmen like B. B., "Honey Boy" Edwards and Robert "Junior" Lockwood won't be around much longer and I think we musicians should be thankful to have the opportunity to see them. They won't be around much longer. I'm glad I got to see and, in some cases, open shows for guys like Albert King, Albert Collins, Gatemouth Brown, James Cotton, B.B., Buddy Guy, Long John Hunter and Jimmy Rogers while I could. They are icons of American musical history.
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    LOL....I first saw B.B. King about 35 years ago too, me and my friend commented at the time, how cool it was for such a "old" guy to still be doing it. B.B. was in his mid-forties then, I'm 51 now :eek: Man!...I'm old! :)
  8. I'm 56 and I still play 50 - 60 gigs a year, I'M OLD!!!
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    Crap, crap, crap. I completely forgot that he was playing in Rochester. I think tickets might be sold out too.

    ...time to hit up evilbay.

    Crap. Walking distance from my house too.
  10. If you make it, say hello. I'll be the fat, old, bald, white guy.

  11. Same player, same rig. He was a young african-american man. I couldn't make out his last name but his first name was Reggie. He is a very good player and B.B. gave him 2 solos right off the bat: one on a slow blues tune and one during a breakneck shuffle. It was a very good show. B.B. now sits through the entire show but he played and sang very well.
  12. whos the bassist on the jazz channel presents BB king dvd...white guy, surf green jazz bass, harkte stack (gk head i think?)