B.C. Rich Greg Weeks Signature Eagle Bass

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  1. Not much info is available on this long-since-discontinued bass. I'm guessing that only very few were made after the model's release at NAMM 2012. (And I'm unsure how closely this dates to the collapse of B.C. Rich as a company.)

    Since I've been hunting around for one of these lately, I'm curious to ask if any of you guys have any hands-on experience with this particular bass or a similar model? How is the quality of the Korean-made B.C. Rich stuff? Similar to other run-of-the-mill, generic Korean-made instruments?
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    B. C. Rich collapsed?
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  3. Yep. The company went under, and some execs are currently trying to revive it even though it's just a name at this point since the company has been passed through so many different hands. (Unsure if it would still be under the parent company Hanser or what.)
  4. So, does anyone have any actually useful comments to contribute to this thread? Or nah?
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    Even though Ed Roman has passed away the company that bears his name might be a place you can call and get the info you seek.
  6. That was a good joke. :roflmao:
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    I owned two and did a review here a few years back. It should turn up if you do a search
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    B.C. Rich didn't collapse...

    1972 -1989 - Bernie Rico
    1987-1993 - All imports operated and controlled by Class Axe
    1990-1993 - Class Axe Takes over USA Custom Shop.
    1994-1999 - Bernie Rico takes company back but passes away in Dec 1999.
    2000-2015 - Hanser Holding Inc. (HHI) - Bernie's son briefly stays on board before starting his own company.
    2015-2018 - Name leased out to Praxis Musical (same people that were doing the Ernie Ball/Sterling stuff)
    2019-Present - is now in private hands headed up by Bill Xavier who used to work for Peavey and Hanser