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[B]FS: Demeter HBP-1 Bass Preamp !!![/B]

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by bassisten, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. bassisten


    Sep 15, 2004
    Bergen, Norway
    Demeter HBP-1 Bass Preamp !!!

    HBP-1 Bass Preamp

    The new H-Series Bass Preamp by James Demeter uses the same all tube front end found in his classic VTBP-201 Bass pre-amplifier and combines it with the revolutionary H-Series circuitry found in his professional audio H-Series line. This pre-amp provides the best of both the tube and solid state world. It features high voltage (250V) tube front end (providing all of the pre-amp gain and passive tone controls), a two band solid state fully Parametric Equalizer that is tuned for, bass, a fully adjustable active effects loop with controls up front, a tuner output, a full balanced output with switchable mic or line level, both a balanced TRS line level output and an unbalanced line level output for amplifier connections and a mute switch. As with all Demeter equipment it is meticulously hand wired, using the finest components and assembled in the USA.


    * Input Impedance >1 megohm
    * Min. Load Impedance 600 ohms
    * Maximum Output +28DBV
    * Power Supply 250V Fully Regulated Tube +18 -18 Fully Regulated Transistor
    * 12.6V Fully Regulated Filament

    * Signal to Noise Ratio -80dB
    * THD .5%
    * Frequency Response 10Hz to 40kHz
    * Tube 12ax7a
    * EQ Gain + or - 15 dB


    * Q or Width Continuously Variable Low 40Hz to 440Hz
    * Gain Adjustable to + 10dB Mid 440Hz to 4KHz
    * Max Output @600ohms +24dB Outputs 3 Pin Bal Mic/Line

    * Tube 1-12AX7a Selected
    * 1 1/4 TRS Bal Line
    * 1 1/4 Unbal Line Chassis
    * 1 1/4 Tuner
    * Power 115V/230V Switchable
    * Chassis Single Space Rack

    Price: 400£