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B string won't fit: TI flats on a Warwick Corvette 5er??

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by birdxofxprey, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. warwick owners will hopefully be familiar enough with this scenario to offer some advice.

    the problem is that the TI low B is not available tapered, so it doesn't fit through the Warwick bridge. I know that the Wick site says the bridge can be filed and widened, but before doing this it would be helpful to hear from others who have had this mod done. how about it?

    is it worth the trouble of filing the bridge to get the TIs onto the wick?

    anyone have any bad experiences with this procedure?

  2. masprague


    May 6, 2007
    well the only bridge I have ever filed was a BA2 only because I had too. I think if you have the right tools (a rounded file) then you could probably do it yourself (nice and slow, checking the string every couple of strokes).

    If not take it to someone, I am sure it would be cheap, and you would have an awesome sounding corvette

    I have TI Jazz Flats on my four string corvette fretless and they sound fantastic....
  3. snowbird


    Feb 24, 2007
    London, Canada
    Was/is there any downside to this? Specifically, if I get the Corvette filed, can I return at some point to the Warwick BLs or other strings with no negative results. I like the idea of using the TIs, but I also want the flexibility to use strings that don't require the filing. Thanks!
  4. Fishbrain


    Dec 8, 2000
    England, Liverpool
    Endorsing Artist: Warwick Bass and Amp
    i have a vette aswell, i just push the string in, it doesnt sit flat but iv never had a problem with it coming out or whatever. Apparantly though, if u get some pliers and squish the string it will fit in, i've always wondered if this would cause the string to unwind any?
  5. masprague


    May 6, 2007
    I think the best way to do it, so that you can use other strings is to make sure you file the sides rather than the bottom. That way you are simply making the groove wider rather than deeper. That way the other strings will work and the TI will sits in the groove well too.

    I would not smash your string into the groove with pliers or any other tool. That is not good for the string, especially a flatwound which may break the wrap causing the flat wrap to unwrap ruining the string.
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