B2R fan is loud

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  1. I'm starting to buy my own rig (well just a head and cab) and I just bought an Ampeg B2R. I got it for $350 on eBay and it is in very good condition. so it seems..

    When I turn the amp on (not plugged into a cab), the fan starts going right away, and is fairly loud. Is this normal? Am I just being dumb and overanalyzing this?

    I haven't had the chance to play it through a cab in a quiet room, so I can't tell if the noise is noticeable.

    I've searched quite a bit but haven't found anything helpful on this "problem".

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    Yep, it's pretty common - your amp's probably OK. I've heard a pretty good number of new B2R and 3Pro owners express surprise at the noise the fan makes. I've even heard of a few who've tried to lubricate the fan to knock the noise down a bit.

    Truth is, when you're playing at decent volume, you won't hear it. And having plenty airflow through your amp is a GOOD thing.

    If it's REALLY bad, though, and seems to be stuck on high speed all the time, you may want to have it checked out by a tech.

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    Yeah, that fan produces an ungodly racket, even brand new. I don't know if it's the same fan & circuit in the B-2R/SVT-350H as in other Ampegs or not, but this one definitely makes a racket and it seems to be on all the time.