Babicz Bridge rattling

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  1. Everytime I change strings on my bass and put new ones on my Babicz bridge E string saddle always starts buzzing really loud when I play. It usually goes away in about 15 minutes but this time its still buzzing an hour later and I have no idea how to fix it. I didn't install the bridge it was a local store who did it last july/august.
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    there's obviously a loose part somewhere; the whole point of that bridge is that every moving part gets locked down with a set screw when you're done adjusting it, so break out the hex wrenches and gently tighten every hex bolt on there.

    also, look for something else entirely, like a loose strap button or tuner bushing.
  3. Its for sure the bridge, it stops when I push down on the E string saddle. Unfortunately I don't have the right sized hex wrench to adjust anything on this bridge.
  4. I really don't know how adjusting this bridge works, it locksso I haven't needed to touch it until now. It's just the E string saddle part that makes the rattling noises. I have no idea which screw hole is used to tighten the lock instead of accidentally adjusting it
  5. Try the intonation screw. On every Babicz I had, the screw would back itself out over time.
  6. Where would that be located? There appears to be 2 holes on the backside of the saddle
  7. The intonation screw threads through the back of the saddle baseplate, into, and through the saddle.
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    Does their website have any instructions? Allen wrenches can be had for a few dollars at Lowes and you can learn to do this yourself so you don't have to rely on a shop to fix it.
  9. By the way - the intonation screw doesn't need to be tightened down very much at all. Just enough for it to stop rattling. Don't slam the saddles back against the bridge plate, please.
  10. Yes! That was the source of the problem, if I apply pressure to the part of that screw sticking out the front of the saddle the bridge will not rattle. Unfortunately my hex wrench is too small and is the only one I have. Ill have to try and find a suitable sized one at the hardware store.

    Whoops I didn't mean hex wrench.
  11. Cool. Before you touch anything, read up on intonation. Learn what the screw that you're touching does before you touch it.
  12. I know how the intonation of a bridge works, I just didn't know which screw did what on this bridge. I didn't install and I just wanted to make sure I was turning the right screws.