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Baby Baby Blue better than Baby Blue II?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by SummerSoft, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. SummerSoft


    Jun 17, 2005
    So, anybody could compare those two?
    I've been playing BBII, but would like to know what do you think about the Baby Baby Blue... Is it any better, or is Baby Blue II simply the best?
    I use mine for music from soul and funk to be-bop and hard-bop.

    Thanks for your answers!
  2. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    I haven't played through the baby baby, but the II is the shiznit in my book. I've talked to two seperate people who later went with the baby baby due to the smaller size, and weren't happy with the sound at all. Sounds to me like SWR screwed the pooch on that one.

    I too would like to hear from someone who has owned and had extensive experience with both.
  3. snowdan


    Feb 27, 2006
    if the baby baby is seriously within your consideration, i'd suggest you take the workingman 10. i couldn't find a significant difference in performance that would justify a street price 3 times as high.
  4. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Retired Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    Screwed the pooch ... ???
  5. dharma

    dharma Srubby wubbly

    Oct 14, 2005
    Monroe, Louisiana

    A phrase Munjibunga is unfamiliar with? Surely, you jest.
  6. SummerSoft


    Jun 17, 2005
    And what's the conclusion... did SWR screw the pooch on Baby Baby Blue?
  7. lowrez

    lowrez no.

    Nov 27, 2004
    New Englandish
    I'd disagree. I have played on both, but ended up with the baby baby. Mostly due to a smaller size, but I wouldn't say they screwed anything up. I percieved a small amount of difference in the lower range, but nothing super substantial. Try em both yourself!
  8. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    Seducing the canine.
  9. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    Eastern North Dakota
    The Baby Blue II was a killer combo amp. It worked especially well with my Azola Bugbass. Not bad with the electrics, either. I kinda wish I still had mine.
  10. throw_this_away


    Mar 30, 2006
    I used to want a Baby baby blue... but I would have had to special ordered it without playing it. Plus... that is A LOT of money for a 1x10 combo. I got a full 200W tube rig with a 1x15/2x10/tweeter cab for about the same price... and I bet if a Baby baby blue came to town my rig would smoke it (but then it is not fair to compare because the two setups are very different beasts with different goals in mind).
  11. MacGroove

    MacGroove Brother of the Groove with a 'Pocket Full of Funk'

    Oct 5, 2005
    Baby Blue II all the way.
  12. Humabass

    Humabass Supporting Member

    Mar 16, 2002
    Northern Virginia
    I had a BBII and loved it. Recently bought a BBB and it's a completely different sounding amp. The BBII was the only SWR amp I could ever get a sound I liked out of. The BBB just had an empty,thin,too airy sound which to me is what all SWR's sound like. Put a BBII on top of an Epifani 110UL and you have an awesome sounding rig.
  13. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    North central Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    +1 :)
  14. Flipper

    Flipper Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2005
    Spring, Texas
    I'm a'startin' to like mine. I reflowed some cold solder runs in it and that helped (bought it used). Will prob recone the speaks next. Its definitely headed in the right direction. I can't believe the BOTTOM. I was thinking of putting a CX110 Eden under it. Anybody ever try that combination?
  15. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    Let me clarify. The BBII was a great amp for both electric and upright. The Baby Baby is still a nice amp, but much more suited for upright. That's why they tried to make it smaller and more portable for upright players. I don't recall where I read that, but it was something from SWR itself. That to me was a bad decision, at least with the intent to discontinue the BBII and REPLACE IT with the Baby Baby instead of just offering them both, each suited for a different purpose.

    You simply aren't going to get the same tone from one 10" as you would with two 8's and a 5.
  16. Flipper

    Flipper Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2005
    Spring, Texas
    BTW, mine's a bbII
  17. Kael


    Dec 26, 2004
    Oklahoma City
    Romancing the Rover?
  18. iammr2


    Jun 10, 2002
    BBII +1 here too.

    And I didn't touch that doggie...
  19. Flipper

    Flipper Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2005
    Spring, Texas
    CX110 on the way.

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