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Bacchus Global Series - WL-533??!...should I Pull the trigger?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Joey0207, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Hey fellow TBers, just a fellow low ender looking for some input on the Bacchus Global Series wl533 before I pull the trigger on it. Dont want to kick the dead horse too much on this one if I missed any other threads (limited info on it otherwise on here). Just looking to add a quality 5 string workhorse that doesnt kill the wallet for gigging or worry if it went missing at a gig. Can buy it up here in Canada for $730 new & although the Sire was my 1st choice it still is a lil more than I care to spend just yet. Using my Markbass 2 & Barefaced Bigtwin2 w Sanamps deluxe if that helps. Play tons of 90s rock as well.

    Again, any info on these basses pros/cons would be appreciated! Cheers
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  3. jd56hawk


    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
    You're welcome.
    One board member here actually sold all his Fenders and went all Bacchus.
    I missed this one last year and still regret not jumping on it.
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  4. Reminds me of an american jazz bass mixed w Brombergs carvin! They're just such nice looking basses & from the minimal YouTube videos sounding basses for their price, like I said I'd love a sire but no rosewood here in canada, the price for one would run me around $1100 for an s3 5er
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  5. Amano


    May 5, 2015
    Planet earth
    I have a Woodline 34 handmade series. Having it for sale. Cause I wil continue playing Fenders. Is it a bad bass. Not at all. Does it sound like a Fender. Not at all. To me it sounds more like a Gibson bass. Much darker sound as an Fender. Also with more high and lows. Not a bad thing but would try before you buy.
  6. whirledpeas

    whirledpeas Supporting Member

    Feb 18, 2010
    Sittin' Here in Limbo
    I had a WL-533 briefly; got it used on here. I thought it was nicely built bass. Looked good, played well. Maybe on par with some Lakland Skylines; if not, very close.

    I moved it on b/c for me the neck was a little thicker (front to back) than I prefer. But that might be a positive for others.

    I also remember the single coils pickup being fairly noisy. however, in fairness I was using it in my home office where the WiFi router resides.

    When I parted with it, I remembered thinking that “maybe I should keep this one?” But that’s not a new phenomenon, LOL.
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  7. I have one, construction and finish is very good. pick up's are very noisy but in single mode only (not a big deal for me, can upgrade later). The neck/scale felt really short first , but I was able to adapt in no time. Very comfortable to play. The truth, as always, is on gigs in the real world, and it worked out perfect (for what it is and in the context of the classic rock band I tried it). I have to use the amp eq a lot and send the signal Post EQ, something that I don't do with my other basses that have preamps on it. Can't compare with Sire or any other brand in that price range or lower (except squiers and this is much better off course).
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  8. LUpton

    LUpton Supporting Member

    Oct 22, 2012
    Tampa, FL
    Probably too old for this sh--
    The WL533 I picked up here on TB has become my No 1 gig bass. I replaced the electronics w Delano pickups and active EMG EQ, but it actually was the neck and feel I fell in love with. If you would have told me I would love an 18mm spacing neck after many 16-17 mm 5ers in my past, I'd have said you were crazy, but along w the 33" scale, it just seems to fit me. If there was an MM pickup in the bridge position, it would be very close to my perfect bass. Still love it as it is, though.
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  9. groove pump

    groove pump

    Oct 24, 2006
    My latest addition is a Bacchus Global Series WL-434, which was made in the Philippines. It was used, but in essentially new condition when I got it no more than a few months ago. I decided to take a chance on this bass because I wanted to find a lighter alternative to my 10.5 lb. passive Jazz and also liked that this bass had a bass/treble preamp on board.

    Earlier this year when I started shopping around, I came across a used 4-string Sire Jazz with the whole active/passive layout and decided to "buy-it-to-try-it". While it was certainly a decent bass for $500, I returned it after about a week just because it wasn't going to replace anything I had at home, including my heavy passive Warmoth Jazz (the Sire was also a little heavier than what I wanted in an alternative).

    I had seen a really nice Japanese Bacchus 4-string perhaps last winter or spring and tried that out for a few minutes at the shop. VERY nice!! I was happy to finally try out a Bacchus after hearing about them for a little while, but wasn't in a hurry to spend around $1,000 (US), especially considering that I didn't even have a gig happening at the time. At least this brand was now on my radar.

    Spotted this WL-434 and decided to also buy-it-to-try-it, since I could also return it (to a local GC). I didn't expect this bass to be as nice as the honey I tried earlier in the year, but also liked that it wasn't some work of art that I'd be afraid to let out of my sight (it cost $350 with a gig bag). Much lighter than any of my other basses at 8.3-8.5 lbs. and a very neat and easy player.

    The fret ends on this bass were a little rough and I also had a set of DiMarzio Area J's at home that I wanted to try, so I pretty quickly took everything to the luthier to swap pickups, dress the frets, and give it a basic setup. It played fine when I first got it (sounded fine, too), but figured I'd get everything done at once while it was at the shop.

    So now I have it back and it's working great. It sounds good and clear at practice with the current band - I like the blend either right in the middle or sometimes with the neck pickup solo'ed. It's easy on the shoulder and the neck dimension is typical Jazz - lean, but not pencil thin or crazy shallow. My Warmoth is slightly more chunky. Actually this Bacchus neck is about the same as I remember in the Sire that I tried out.

    A good workhorse that I expect to enjoy for a while. I appreciate that this bass has easy access to the truss rod at the neck/body joint without needing to take the bass apart (Allen wrenches included). I've had BadAss II bridges on a couple other basses and while this bridge isn't particularly thick or heavy, it seems to work great. No plans for any changes or upgrades in the short term.
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  10. Could be Interesting, nothing a pickup swap cant fix if it's too dark but I've got a maple neck jazz w a musicman style p/u in the bridge for that midrangy j bass tone. thanks for the input
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  11. ya they're gorgeous basses, I'm used to my 5 string P neck, my old warwicks & my spector euro 5 are also a bit chunkier as well but I'm sure it'll be a lil adjustment. Guessing they're noisy when solo'd or all the time?
  12. Excellent input! Thanks so much, this is squaring up to exactly what my thoughts were. Lots of humming around the idea of modding a Mexican 5, lakland skyline or going the sire route but if it feels great(it looks so nice, lake placid blue n matching headstock) I wont feel bad upgrading the pickups or adding a pre. thanks again
  13. This just keeps getting better, thanks so much for the information. Those Dimarzio area Js sound awesome...I'm leaning towards putting some flats on this guy & perhaps finding something along the lines of the Seymour Duncan Aniquitys although I dont think they make them for 5ers. Again,I'll see after a few gigs what she wants done and what direction to take w it. Those Babicz & KSM bridges look nice if u havnt looked into them as well. Cheers & good luck w the gigs
  14. Thanks LUpton! How do the Delanos sound in there?If they're good enough for Sandberg they're good enough for a Bacchus. I think my dream would be to find a set of Js that can replicate a nice P neck position & MM style in the bridge but they're made that way for a reason I Suppose. My old fender has an MM in the bridge somewhat Ratrodded in and it sounds HUGE. If it was a 5er like my MM Stingray I could probably sell it off
  15. groove pump

    groove pump

    Oct 24, 2006
    I swapped the Area J's into my passive bass a little while ago and didn't care for those in that passive layout compared with the DiMarzio Ultra J's that were in there before the swap (for several years). I switched back to the Ultra J's in that bass, but I also knew that the Area J's would be worth a try in a bass with a preamp. Although they were a little less "big and warm" sounding compared with the Ultra J's, I found more mids and dimension in the tones that came from the Area J's. The preamp in this Bacchus seems to be helping to push that tone with a little more output and presence. Nice to have a lightweight and easy player that's also good and loud.

    Thanks for the suggestions - yes, lots of good looking bridges out there to consider further down the road. I'm waiting for my other gigging bass (custom 4-string P/J getting new passive electronics) to get done and then I may get after building a fretless. I've had a nice neck for a while and need to think about pairing it with a body and all the trimmings.

    Cheers backatcha and good luck with your gigs, too!!
  16. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    Wow...that's quite a markup.
    You can order one with a maple fretboard and have it delivered to Port Huron, Michigan - there's a number of mail delivery places here for Canadians who have items that are only deliverable to the US - they come over the bridge and pickup their items . St. Mary's is only something like 2 hours away at most- I've been to London, Ontario quite a number of times, not too far of a drive.

    Regarding Bacchus, I've heard good things about them and was able to try a couple - pretty good basses, at least the ones I've tried - was tempted to buy one of them.
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  17. LUpton

    LUpton Supporting Member

    Oct 22, 2012
    Tampa, FL
    Probably too old for this sh--
    Hi Joey,
    The Delanos sound great in the bass. They are completely hum-cancelling, and work well with the EMG EQ, which also includes the ABC active balance control. They are not, however, MM humbuckers. They have a nice bite, and forward mids, and they get 'in the ballpark' of an MM sound, but not quite all the way there. The bridge pickup is located in the 'farther away from the bridge' position (I don't remember whether it's called the 60's or '70's position), so it is actually quite usable by itself with a little added bass boost from the onboard EQ. I use it like that at least 60-70% of the time, reserving the front pickup blended in for slow songs. I don't think the front pickup sounds all that much like a P, but it has a good sound, nonetheless...

    I have another bass, a 4 string, that has the J/MM pickup config which I have installed a Delano neck PU and Nordstrand MM 4.4 sweet-spot pickup in, connecting to a std 3 way selector switch into a 2-band MM clone pre. The MM 4.4 is wired thru the pullup volume ctrl switch to be std parallel or rear coil only. This has become my favorite pickup/pre config. It has 5 discrete combinations, all of which hum-cancel, and sound great, from big and fat to tight and burpy/barking. That bass has some neck problems currently, or it would be my No 1.

    I am reluctant to carve up the Bacchus to implement this pickup config, but one never knows... I love the Bacchus neck and overall feel, so I am working with the existing electronics until I decide to do additional mods or get a custom build done.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
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  18. Club Bass in Toronto shows Sire on their web site. Might be worth the drive if you can wait that long.
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  19. Which Delanos did you put on it? I am thinking a pickup upgrade is in order and I like delanos.

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