SOLD Bacchus Handmade In Japan Jazz Bass (Custom Woodline417/R) - 7lbs 14.4oz

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    Up for sale is my favorite jazz style bass that I’ve ever owned. This is a superb, 100% handmade jazz bass from Bacchus. This is the top tier offered by Bacchus, fully made by hand by their best luthiers in Nagano, Japan.
    This bass was a special custom order for Bacchus’s European distributor. 4 of these were created in total, 2 4-strings and 2 5-strings. Made in 2018.

    7lbs 14.4oz according to my scale! Super light and comfortable. It’s a slightly slimmed down jazz body with some nice carving and contouring on the back. Light swamp ash body. Lacquer “black burst” or black-to-clear burst finish. Neck is maple with some kind of stain or treatment (I think?). Super smooth neck finish. Indian rosewood fretboard.

    Great shape overall, I’ve babied it. Just small scratches on the pickguard as far as I can tell.

    Bass comes with black pearl pickguard (original, see the last couple of photos) and the black/white/black guard shown in most pictures. Black guard was purchased directly from Bacchus and shipped from Japan.

    Excellent playability, attention to detail, fit and finish. Low action. The pickups sound great. If you pull the tone knob up it activates the “turbo switch”, which is basically running the pickups in series instead of parallel.

    I’m hesitant to sell this bass, this has beat out many other instruments for me including multiple other high end J basses (including 2 Lakland USAs, Fender USA, Fender custom shop, etc.). I consider it a pretty special bass. I’m just doing some downsizing down to 2 total basses at the moment and I’m not playing a jazz bass as much right now.

    This bass deserves to be played, and I’ve decided to raise cash for some other non-musical life priorities at the moment, so I’m listing this one for sale.

    Asking $1,699 shipped CONUS
    Ships in the original Bacchus padded gig bag (small tear on the inside of the bag at the top near the headstock, not major)
    PayPal or Venmo for payment

    I think someone will be very happy with this bass! “Custom shop” quality instrument all around for much lower price than usual. This bass was around $2,200 when I bought it new and they’re hard to find in the states.

    Please PM if interested or if you have any questions, thank you.

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    May 28, 2005
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