Bacchus Japan Outlet Sale!!! Class B TF5ASH customized.

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    Jun 9, 2013
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    Bacchus / STR Endorsing Artist and direct Dealer of new and used MIJ Brands.
    Here we have a customized Craft Series Bacchus TF-ASH5 in Black oil, that was lightly used at a bass expo in China and has a few minor scratches by the pick ups where people rested their thumbs, and a few scuffs on the scratchplate due to slap style playing.
    It features a Maple board rather than rosewood, which is an option only available through my Factory Direct Deals. It also features a clear perspex scratch plate with a walnut underlay, another custom option unique to my Factory Direct service.

    Price $1100 plus $130 global shipping, tracked and insured with EMS Japan. Approx 5 day delivery!


    Details and Spec.

    The Craft Series represents cost effective hand made instruments that use imported materials and mid range Gotoh hardware.
    The results are incredible instruments that compete with rivals in higher price ranges.
    I personally prefer some of the craft series to the DX series for example this one....

    The TF ASH is the Craft Series version of the Bacchus high end flagship bass the Twentyfour DX. It has almost the same
    functionality as it's higher end cousin but uses slightly lower grade hardware and has an Aguilar OB2 preamp, not a Bartolini XTCT.

    1 piece Maple neck 34" scale.
    Fret Board: Rosewood with perloid dot inlays / Maple with black acrylic dots, twenty four frets
    Body: 2 / 3 piece Ash
    Bridge: Gotoh GB203
    Macine Heads:Gotoh GB1
    Pre amp: Aguilar OBP2
    Pick ups- Bacchus Original Humbuckers
    Controls, volume, balance treble, mid notch boost, bass notch boost.

    Check my review at my website.