SOLD Bacchus Precision Bass Light Ash Body Brown Oil WL PB4 *Serious PRICE DROP $675.00*

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    Bacchus WL PB4 Precision Bass, very rare, this model was discontinued in 2012. Bass is in great playing condition with some minor wear on oil finish from regular use. Still has protective plastic on the pickguard. Weighs only 8 lbs. (8.00 on a highly accurate digital scale). Feels perfect! Ash Body finished in Brown Oil Stain. Tortoise Shell Pickguard. Gloss nitro finished Maple neck and East Indian Rosewood fingerboard, 21 frets. Gotoh vintage style Bridge and Gotoh GB1 tuners. Custom Momose P Bass pickup with closed plastic cover and thin walnut top veneers. Controls are Vol/tone. Just professionally setup with new S.I.T. Power Wound Nickel Strings .045-.105 gauge. Super nice Bacchus Gig Bag. Truly a great P Bass with a big, thick sound. Neck feels like a late 60's P neck- not too big, not too small... $875.00 (price drop to $675.00) shipped in the CONUS (west of MS, add $15.00).

    This bass is WAY Worth It!!





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  2. 123321

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    Feb 1, 2004
    An EXCELLENT Performing/Recording bass that sounds "KILLER"! I got this from a pro player that has owned probably more basses than me and he simply loved it too! You can't go wrong with this one- Sounds like a great Precision bass unplugged and electrically, it rules the day!!:)
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    Entertaining trade offers?
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    I am motivated to sell but you could PM me with any trade offers...:)

    If you start looking around on the internet, Bacchus P basses are very rare (even in Japan) and I'm not sure you could buy another with money in hand. This particular one is a great musical instrument! The neck and fretboard feel absolutely amazing with super smooth action!!:thumbsup: Somebody must've custom ordered this bass with superior options as it is outstanding!!
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    That finish is spectacular!! GLWTS Squint.
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    Thanks "Pajama" Bassist...;)

    Anyway, not so much the good luck with the sale as: Lucky Day for the Buyer!! Great Bass!!:bassist:

    This bass has this ultra stable, "last forever" feel like great older Fenders... Super!!

    Deviser (Bacchus, Momose, Headway) Guitars and Basses:

    Deviser is a guitar manufacturer that has the distinct history of making incredible acoustic and electric guitars and basses
    since the 1970s. They have a lot of pride in their craftsmanship and make all their instruments by hand. No machines
    do the work. Currently, there are essentially 4 different divisions of Deviser; one that focuses on special custom models
    (such as the popular Zemaitis clone they made in the 1990s), Headway, which focuses on making high-end acoustic guitars,
    Momose, which makes very limited quantities of ultra high-end Fender replicas and Bacchus, which is the most well-known
    division, that makes extremely nice basses and used to make, up until 2005, jaw-dropping vintage Fender and Gibson
    replicas. Deviser is well-respected within the Japanese guitar collecting community, which has attracted attention overseas
    in recent years, as more of their hand-made Japanese domestic guitars find their way to other countries and in the hands
    of professional players.
    Headway” began making hand-made acoustic guitars back in 1977. By 1981, they decided to expand and join the ranks
    of Japanese electric guitar makers and began building their first Fender and Gibson replica guitars along side Tokai, Greco
    and Fernandes. In 1991, Headway created “Deviser,” their division of unique and very high-end original-series electric
    guitars, which eventually became the parent name for the company. Their motto was “devising the future,” hence their
    name “Deviser.”

    Also, in 1991, Deviser created the "Bacchus" line of guitars, which, at that time, focused on cloning both Fender and Gibson
    guitars with extraordinary accuracy as well as their own line of custom guitars and basses, featuring their own designs.
    Bacchus, under Deviser, made a lot of their own original pickups and electronics, a technique that other Japanese
    companies didn’t often do. Most Bacchus guitars and basses are fully-equipped with original parts, which I think is very
    unique. They made most of their own hardware and wound their own pickups, which are known for their incredible tonal
    qualities. Their Fender replica single-coils really capture the Fender tone and the Gibson replica PAF’s sound like the
    originals, so much so that most players of these replicas do not consider changing any of the electronics at all. Some
    special models come stock with Lindy Fralin or Fender USA pickups, or sometimes the basses come with Bartolini pickups.
    The woods Bacchus used and uses are extremely expensive and sometimes rare. The grain of the wood they use is amazing
    on every model. They bookmatch woods that aren’t one piece, and use high-quality nitrocellulose for the finishes on most
    mid-range to high-end models.

    In 2005, Bacchus (sadly) discontinued their Fender and Gibson replica lines for unknown (at this time) reasons. I was in
    Japan at the time of the announcement and it lead to a final collecting "craze" by the Japanese, a final attempt to buy up any
    and all existing Bacchus vintage stock from all shops in and around Tokyo. Prices soared and these fine instruments literally
    disappeared from the market altogether remarkably fast. You can find them on eBay occasionally and they are usually
    underpriced due to skepticism. These guitars will be highly collectible in the future and are very good investments.

    Bacchus also made a “Universe” series vintage-style guitar for beginners, priced very low. They are not regarded as being
    particularly well-made and are not for professional musicians, but they did offer beginner guitarists an opportunity to play a
    guitar like their favorite artists at a price they could afford.

    Deviser continues to make Fender-style guitars and basses in very limited quantities under the name Momose. These are
    not exact replicas of Fenders and do not aim to be. The attempt is to take what the company admires about Fender and use
    the overall design while incorporating their unique designs. These are very high-end guitars and are beautiful works of art
    and craftsmanship.
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