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    *******SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BACH NON-REVERSE THUNDERBIRD. As much as I have enjoyed this bass, I find that it just doesn't turn up in the rotation very often anymore so I thought I would see if it needed a new home. This is the second run of the original Bach Birds I believe. This is the version with the *more desirable thin body* (*according to some people on the internet).
    This bass was built to the original Gibson NR specs except for the control cavity and is about as close as you can get to the originals.. The bass is in great condition and plays great. I have owned it since new and it has always been kept in a smoke free home. No obvious dings or scratches. I had a custom black pearl pickguard made for it and replaced the original pickup with a Gibson TB+ from a LP Standard bass. The pickup is housed in a chrome Tbird cover from Philadelphia Luthier Supply. I was going for a kind of modern/retro look with this one.
    The electronics were replaced with CTS pots and I think an orange drop cap. The only bit of "weirdness" with this bass is the tone control turns the opposite direction than you expect. Not an issue in any way. I have the original white pickguard but not sure if I still have the original pickup (If I do I will include it). I added a new strap button to the neck heel for better balance. I also have a Coffin Case that I would ship the bass in. Its the only case I ever found that fits this bass but the coffin look isn't for everyone. If you buy this bass and have a case that would fit you could ship it to me and I can use that to ship the bass to you (that would change the price somewhat). These basses are rare and the thin bodied version is even rarer (More rare?). I am asking$800 shipped in the case. This will not be cheap to ship so keep that in mind with the pricing please. Please let me know if you have questions. I don't have to sell so no low-balling please. Here are some pics but I can provide more if needed.

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  2. What's the nit width on this baby?
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    Jul 31, 2002
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    Nut width is 1.5" and the neck is slim, fast, and comfortable. :bassist:
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