Back from my 3-day hiatus

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  1. Yup. I went to three shows in three days, and now I'm back.

    On Wednesday 5th Dec I went to my local rock pub, the Witchwood, and saw a friends band play. They were pretty good, started a cool moshpit for them(what are friends for?).

    Thursday 6th I saw Devin Townsend. Kill II This and Godflesh supporting. I'm pretty good friends with Mark Mynett of Kill II This, he's from Stockport(a town near me). I watched them, they were OK. Not my type of music though.

    Godflesh, I was in the bar with some friends.

    Then, DT came on. I can safely say that it was the best show I had ever seen. Devin was funny, there was a lot of crowd participation, it was cool. I just missed the new SYL song they played at the end, but at least I know a new SYL album is in the works.

    Friday 7th I saw Machine Head. Sugarcoma, Ill Nino and Thumb were supporting. Missed Sugarcoma - qeueing. I saw em with Fear Factory though, so I don't care. Ill Nino got the house jumping, which I was surprised at. I though people wouldn't fall for the Nu-Metal thing anymore. Oh well. At least the house was warming up. A cover of Soulfy's Eye For An Eye didn't hurt either.

    Thumb killed the atmosphere. The music lacked heaviness, mood, integrity or melody. I thought the crowd was gonna rip the place apart if MH didn't deliver.

    Fortunately, they did. We were lucky in that Manchester was the first date of the tour, and MH were firing on all cylinders. Only 2 songs from Supercharger, 2 from Burning Red, and around 8 from BME and TMTC. All the classics, Take My Scars, Old, Ten Ton Hammer, From This Day. Just cool. Ahrue's playing was right on, and Dave McClane is a marvel to see live. Rob was cool with the crowd, apparently we were one of the best shows they'd played this year.

    Anyway, for the encore they came out and dedicated Deafening Silence to the victims of Sept 11th. Then, they finished off with Davidian, which got the best reception of the night.

    Finally, they had a cover jam. Started with 'Territory' by Sepultura(one of my fave bands). The changed mid chorus into Sabbath's 'Iron Man', which they stuck with until the guitar solo, at whioch point they switched again to SOAD's 'Sugar', which nearly tore the house down. They finished with an Iron Maiden song(I'm not an Iron Maiden fan, I dunno which one). Cool show, joint second best of my life, with the first time I saw Fear Factory. My favourite was Devin Townsend(just the small club atmosphere, joined with this tight-knit fanbase. Awesome).

    After that, I went to a rock club and hung out with the guys from Ill Nino. MH were supposed to show up for a signing, they didn't turn up by 2am so we left, after I started a circle pit to Biohazard's "Punishment" on the dancefloor. Got to bed at 4am, before getting up at 8am to go guitar shopping with my guitarist.

    An altogether productive week, I'd say:D.
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    i don't know how you can do it, man. i can never go to live shows anymore - i don't wanna be in the crowd, i wanna be up onstage! :D i'm hoping that you bit someone, though ...
  3. I didn't bite anyone.

    I got headbutted in the cheek though, suffice to say that guy spent the rest of the night in the medical room. Also, some girl tried elbowing me in the ribs to stop me jumping during 'Sugar'... so I just started screaming the lyrics into her ear and she retreated to the side of the pit. Then, I caught one of Adam's picks, a pruple one with the MH: SUpercharger logo on it, a big Planet Waves triangular one. I want more, in the exact same thickness, shape and material, but I can't find any. I don't wanna drop my Supercharger one while I'm playing.