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    Jan 17, 2003
    After only playing 5 string basses for the last 15 years, I had suddenly had a case of GAS! So....for some odd reason I found myself the owner of a new Fender Jazz. It is a standard Jazz (I am not going to get hung up on where it was made) 4-banger. MAN!!! I am having fun with this sucker! I forgot how much different it is to slap on a 4 string compaired to a 5-string. FUN FUN FUN! And wow, this bass kicks ass. This bass has awsome punch. I had a small problem with some fret buzzing when I got it but the boys at Sam Ash re-dressed some of the higher frets, and bingo! And to boot, I installed a BadAss II this afternoon, and man, this sucker is even more funky! And I got the action nice and low like I prefer. I can't believe I have not had a 4 all these years!!

    The sad thing is, after I had my Alembic made (5-string), I started geting rid of all my 4's including two nice '62 Jazz RI, a fretted and fretless. Man I wish I still has those!

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