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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by klejst, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. klejst


    Oct 5, 2010
    For the longest time I have used only one bass, my '98 Fender Precision Standard, I just never needed another because that bass is just so solid and never gave me the slightest of problems. However knowing it is a good rule of thumb to have a second or backup bass when traveling, gig'ing, or just to have one at home and one at the practice space. I considered some options and decided to give a Fender Jazz a go...and needless to say I just sold it off last night. I am not knocking it because I have heard some good sound from Jazzes, but my luck is just not that good with Jazzes I suppose. So now I am back to one bass, my trusty '98. I think I'll stick with her for a while and when my band gets serious again about touring then I will look into another bass again. This time it will be another P and I have considered those Squier VM's because they are cheap and have heard a lot of great things about them. Just to have something just in case my '98 has a problem.
  2. tdub0199


    Mar 4, 2010
    Atlanta, Ga.
    You should try a P/J....
  3. klejst


    Oct 5, 2010
    I have, never used the jazz pickup much though, basically used it as P bass until the neck cracked at the head stock. I like to experiment and try new things, however know what I like and am looking for as well.
  4. sloppy_phil


    Aug 21, 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    Not actually named Phil
    hmmm... well, if you're going for another P (not that i think it's a mistake) then might I recommend getting the opposite fretboard to whatever you've got? if it's maple now, get rosewood, and vice versa. I find that it definitely makes a difference in tone, so it'll add a little versatility to your sound. Not that all Ps sound the same, but this will help exaggerate any differences b/w yours and the new one
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