Back to the drawing board, need some strings for my 75 Jazz

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  1. I'm looking for a light gauge nickel roundwound string for my Fender 75 Jazz, preferably 100-45. And a string that can be found in most music stores, i.e. sam ash, guitar center. Here are some of the strings I've used in the past.

    DR Highbeams: Lately the last 2 sets of highbeams became dull within days. The string is a little stiff for me. I usually get 105-45.

    DR Fatbeams: These strings felt good with my stu hamm bass, but they felt just like the highbeams.

    DR sunbeams: I had these on my fretless and I'm in love with these strings. Too bad no one stocks these damm strings.

    DR Lo-riders: Man these things are stiff, but I did get some good harmonics out of them.

    GHS boomers: They don't last, but in terms of playability I liked them, one of the reason's why I want to try nickels again.

    Ernie ball: A very bright string, can't get a consistent tone out of them

    Dean Markleys blue steel/ D'addario XL: I got them when I first started to play bass, I forgot how they felt. Never bought them again though.

    TI flatwounds: I love these strings, but I'm not going to put flats on my Jazz since I'm looking for a hi-fi sound with the jazz. Very flexable strings and easy to play, but I don't think they would handle slapping too well.
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    There's always Slowounds.