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  1. Hey All,
    I am in need of a backup/beater/project bass. This would be the bass that I would need while my Ibby SR505 is in the shop or one that would be fine for testing out home repairs. It would also be used to help teach my 12 year old brother how to play bass (Long Live Bass Players! lol). ;) So what would be a good one for about $100-$150? I played this one at my local music store and it wasn't bad.
    I know the owner and am pretty sure I can negotiate with him if necessary. So Yay? Or Nay? Or Something else? Thanks!
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    Big difference from a 5'er back to a 4 banger. Can't go wrong though for the price. Seems like a no brainer to me
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    If you're willing to pitch in another thirty-or-so dollars, you can get a variety of new Squiers that usually go for $180+tax. Just ignore the MSRP on the Fender pages…the street/market cost can be found on any retailers website (Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, Sweetwater, etc…)

    Affinity Jazz or Precision (like the one you linked to)

    Affinity Precision P/J (best of both worlds, pickup-wise)

    Vintage Modified Jaguar SS (Short-Scale…in case your lil' bro would be more comfortable with a smaller scale length)

    The long-scale Vintage Modified Jaguar goes for $200 brand new, but it shouldn't be too hard to find a used one. I tried one out last year and it's got some kick to it. I traded for one so I could hand it off to a protege o' mine.

    Another option is to check out Guitar Center's Used Gear list. There's a lot of stuff to choose from at your price-point. Also, they have a very fair return policy, should you get a lemon.
  4. Thanks Guys, if it stays awhile there I may try to find a used vm squier since I have heard good things about those. But for $100, it does seem like a low risk. And Nice quote Malak
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    Really? Thanks! It's actually my own quote. It was spawned from this thread in regards to a bit o' photo-shoppery I did for Snakeman1066. The actual quote is from this message.

    Once the "Vegas" comment flew, it was all downhill from there! :oops: