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Backing track

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by ClydeMcAllister, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. So my keyboard/synth player has quit the band.

    We're going to put all the synths and whatnot on a backing track, most likely run off of the drummer's laptop, since he plays to a click now also. It'll most likely be set up with the click in the left channel and the backing track in the right, but in doing so, the backing track ends up being in mono.

    Any way we can configure this to run in stereo? Some of the parts have stereo effects on them (delay, panning) and we'd prefer not to lose them, as long as it's not uber comlicated to run it stereo.
  2. Get one of these, http://www.solarisnetwork.com/product_page_Yamaha__D24

    Can probably be found used for not a lot, they where expensive when they came, but the computer recording explosion in the late 90's killed the price on the D24.

    It's very reliable (MO drive), rackable, and support 96khz (using only 4 tracks) ...

    Or just get a computer interface with 3-4 channels out ..


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