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Backstage basses at Grand Funk festival gig

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by plankspanker13, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. March 8 was a big day out for me, with a large festival gig practically in my back yard. My group, the Gene Faith Band, opened the procedings, followed by the Sharla Jackson Band. This bass feast was photographed during the changeover, when the SJB basses and mine were all on stands together. With a little bit of arranging, and questioning roadies and soundmen being assuaged, I got the shot for TB. The other musicians seemed to understand. Such is the impact of TB. More photos and story follow here.
  2. The SJB were unique in that 3 different folks played bass during their set. Sharla herself played the Ibanez EDA900 on the left, her sidemen played the Cort Curbow fretless and MTD Grendel. Next in the photo are my Warwick "sisters"; a '99 sunburst with an ovangkol/wenge neck, and a natural with an all-wenge neck (these were recently changed over from vice versa), and my Peavey Cirrus 5 fretless, which is wenge over walnut. This photo is my moment in the sun with the natural to start the show.
  3. Following the SJB were the Chicago Honeybears dancers. WOOWOO!...but the only bodies here are basses. This is a nice shot of Bryan from Mogollon, a top regional act in the western USA. He is sportin' a beeyootiful Lakeland and NSD electric upright, which he later slayed on. I mentioned TB when taking the shot. Check out www.mogollonband.com for more on Bryan and his bandmates.
  4. The headliners of the evening were Grand Funk Railroad. Due to my position backstage and the GFR folks being uptight about photography, this nice shot of Mel is the only thing worth putting here. It was great to converse with Mel and Bruce Kulick. (I paid some much-deserved props to the latter for his underappreciated work in KISS.) The fellas from Mogollon are a great hang too. What a fun day! It came just a few weeks past the 20th anniversary of me becoming a bassist. Sadly, the leader of my band has decided to pull the plug...again. Something about his day job and family life. If this was my last big rock & roll gig, it was sure a memorable one.